The Bears Are Such a Walking Disaster That They Lost Super Bowl 41 Despite Making History on the Opening Kickoff

The Chicago Bears may have made the playoffs in two out of the last three years, but they are still considered a putrid franchise under George McCaskey and Ted Phillips’ leadership. The organization has only six playoff wins since winning Super Bowl 20 over the New England Patriots.

Die-hard Bears fans who will never jump off the bandwagon will point to how there are other teams in the NFL in a worse spot than Chicago. However, when you consider that the Bears–one of the hallmark franchises of the NFL–have made the playoffs only 12 times since their Super Bowl 20 victory and choked in Super Bowl 41 against the Indianapolis Colts, it’s impossible to call the team anything other than a walking disaster.

The Bears held a pathetic season-ending press conference after losing to the Saints

George McCaskey and Ted Phillips were the laughingstocks of Bears Twitter on Wednesday after conducting a pathetic press conference. Both men said the franchise has the right football culture moving forward despite the team only making the playoffs in 2020 because the NFL allowed more clubs to get in, and the LA Rams defeated the Arizona Cardinals in Week 17.

Phillips, the president of the Bears, also declined to clarify how long general manager Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy’s contracts run through, which is unacceptable since both men aren’t good at their jobs. Pace drafted Mitchell Trubisky over Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes and still hasn’t explained why he made that terrible decision, while Nagy isn’t the elite play-caller he thinks he is.

McCaskey and Phillips said they were proud of the way Nagy and Pace handled the COVID-19 riddled season. The Bears began the campaign at 5-1, lost six straight games, and then luckily got into the playoffs, but Nagy and Pace are still coming back next season, and Phillips still has his job despite overseeing a franchise that has six playoff wins since 1985.

If McCaskey, Phillips, Pace, and Nagy think the Bears will be better next season just by getting a new quarterback, they are terribly misinformed. The team has many holes on the roster besides QB, and Nagy still hasn’t checked his ego at the door to give up play-calling duties for good.

Chicago hasn’t been a respectable franchise since firing Lovie Smith after the 2012 season despite the team going 10-6. However, even Smith couldn’t escape the black cat running around the Bears organization during his tenure.

The Bears lost Super Bowl 41 despite Devin Hester’s magic

The Bears and Colts met in Super Bowl 41. Chicago superstar Devin Hester took the opening kickoff to the house, becoming the first player in NFL history to accomplish that feat in the Super Bowl.

All the Chicago players thought the Super Bowl was over after that play. After all, the team had all the momentum on their side following Hester’s touchdown and took a 14-6 lead heading into the second quarter.

The Bears, though, scored only three points the rest of the game and wound up losing by a final score of 29-17. Rex Grossman threw two interceptions for Chicago, including a pick-six in the fourth quarter.

Since losing the Super Bowl to the Colts, the Bears have won just one playoff game. They are a mediocre franchise and won’t become a contender until Ted Phillips, Ryan Pace, and Matt Nagy are fired.

The Packers are laughing at Chicago’s moves


The Chicago Bears Have Much More to Worry About Than Mitchell Trubisky

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have dominated the NFC North and the rivalry with Chicago for the last decade or so. Things will remain that way moving forward, as Green Bay has a great infrastructure and one of the best quarterbacks and head coaches in the NFL.

You have to feel bad for Bears fans. They are some of the most passionate supporters out there and keep getting subjected to inferiority in a terrific football city.