The Washington Redskins Panicking After Latest Financial Move

The last several days have become quite rough for the Washington Redskins, leading them finally dropping their team name. It’s been a pressing issue for years that team owner Dan Snyder gave into the potential financial repercussions. It doesn’t stop there for the franchise as there are rumblings of more damning news about its internal dealings. That is leading to one significant move made that could signal much more rough patches to come in Washington.

Washington’s issues continuing to pile up

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In light of the recent push for social change in the country, that led to a significant push for Washington to finally move away from their team name.

That garnered a huge financial push from many of their partners, drawing a line in the sand. It has seen FedEx, who holds the naming rights to the franchise’s stadium under a $205 million deal that extends through 2025, sent a request for the team to change their name. It has also seen sponsors, such as Nike, Amazon, and Pepsi, pressuring the organization to make that move.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has also chimed into the situation with him supporting a name change. That gave way to the team announcing on Monday that they have retired the name. All of that came after years of public pushback to change the name that has a racial connotation toward Native Americans. Synder initially declined to make that alteration as his rationale stuck firm with the name tied to the organization’s history that extends nearly 90 years.

However, there are more rumblings of more significant issues ahead with more damaging details being revealed about the franchise’s inter-workings. That alone has seen some major change afloat in one massive way.

Washington’s minority shareholders moving toward selling their stake

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Things have taken another dramatic push toward significant change with the franchise after chatter emerged that more damaging information is coming soon.

The talk is centered around a piece from The Washington Post that could expose the many wrongdoings behind the curtain under Synder’s watch. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, minorities of the team have begun to move quickly to sell their stake.

It’s one thing for there to be the threat to sell a stake in the team over the name potentially, but push to do could mean there is much more to it. There hasn’t been any confirmation that a damning article will soon be published. Still, it’s hard not to read the tea leaves of the minority owners’ actions to anticipate anything otherwise.

There inklings of a massive fallout from the entire situation, and they are hoping to get out in front of it not to be involved in any of the mess.

More trouble lies ahead

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Beyond the team getting a full rebranding with the upcoming new name, there could be much more.

If any of the chatter around the situation possibly involving fixing games, escorting out cheerleaders to season ticket holders, drug use, and various other scenarios may land Snyder out of the league. That will result in him being in hot water with the NFL with the minimal of severe punishment.

That ultimately hinges on the rumbling being true about a Washington Post putting forth their damaging piece on Snyder. Beyond that, the franchise is entering a tough stretch of massive change that could change the organization’s landscape for years to come.