The Biggest Clue Tom Brady Is Leaving the Patriots for Good

Throughout much of the 2019 campaign, there has been a growing sense around the New England Patriots that star quarterback Tom Brady has wrapped up his final year with the franchise. Brady still possesses a strong desire to continue playing at least another season but may come with another team as he has an opportunity in front of him to test the free-agent market for the first time in his career. With that in mind, Brady may have just signaled that he could finally be moving on from New England.

Tom Brady’s uncertain future with Patriots

For the first time in Brady’s career, there is some traction gaining towards him playing elsewhere aside from New England.

It all began with his contract extension that has the opportunity to opt for free agency in the offseason while being able not to have the Patriots use the franchise tag on him. That alone opens up the door for him to be able to explore his options without New England stepping in to interrupt that process.

Meanwhile, Brady has been quite vague about what lies ahead of him with the franchise. He has expressed his admiration for his time with the team, but he has voiced uncertainty about what lies ahead.
Head coach Bill Belichick has contributed to the muckiness around the situation as he has stated that the team will handle Brady’s pending free agency like the rest of their players heading towards that path. All of that only paints the picture of there being quite a realistic chance that he could be suiting up for another team in 2020.

Tom Brady may have hinted at his next move

The Patriots’ 2019 season came to an abrupt close after a disappointing wildcard loss to the Tennessee Titans.

Things have primarily operated in the same general fashion. Still, Greg Hill of WEEI Radio is reporting that Brady’s family suite has been cleaned out in a manner that it has never been before.

“The Brady suite at Gillette Stadium where (Gisele Bundchen) has been known to watch her husband play football has been cleaned out,” he said.

Hill added: “It would appear to be, by those who are in the know, that it has been cleaned out in way that perhaps it has never has been cleaned out before.”

Hill also reported that Brady and his family have from Brookline, Massachusetts, to their new home in Greenwich, Connecticut. It’s quite difficult to read into moving as an indicator, but there is it’s an interesting detail with the manner that suite was cleaned out.

Stand alone, it’s not much to go off, but it only further adds to the notion that Brady is progressively throwing hints that he may genuinely be out the door in New England. That may come down to being a ploy to force the Patriots’ hand, but this is a situation that he has never been in with the franchise.

Tom Brady’s NFL future is in his hands

It’s still quite early in the process as much is left to unfold that could change the outlook of the situation.

Brady has expressed his appreciation for being able to play for the Patriots. Still, he’s heading into an opportunity to finally have full control of the next chapter of his career. Wherever he decides to play next will be entirely on his terms.

There will be teams such as the Los Angeles Chargers and Indianapolis Colts that could become potential landing spots if he desires to play elsewhere. Brady will have his options ahead of him no matter how much longer he wants to continue his NFL career as his next move will be in his best interest.