The Buccaneers’ New Uniforms Signal the Tom Brady Era in Tampa

When the Buccaneers brought Tom Brady on board, Tampa Bay had one thing on its mind: Super Bowls. Sure, Brady might be on the wrong side of 40, but his track record of winning can’t be ignored. With the Jameis Winston era gone and the Brady era in full swing, the team decided on a rebrand that spoke exactly to the Bucs’ new focus on winning. 

Bringing it back to Tampa Bay

The Buccaneers had teased a new look before Brady was ever official. But with the greatest quarterback of all time joining the team, the rebrand bears more weight. It didn’t harken back to the creamy colors of the early ages, but of a recent era in which the historically sub-par team won far more often than they have in recent years. 

The black, red, and gold uniforms give a modern spin on a classic look. According to ESPN, owner Ed Glazer said the goal of the rebrand was to remind the fans of better days while stoking hope that they can relive them. 

“We are excited to return to our classic Super Bowl era uniforms while also introducing a sleek Color Rush uniform that showcases our signature pewter in a new and dramatic way,” Glazer said. “The refreshed classic design of our home and away combinations bridges our past with our exciting new future, and we are confident it will resonate with our fans.”

The previous uniforms, introduced in 2014, never quite impressed fans. The jerseys were uneasy on the eyes and never showed much personality on the field. Now, everything has changed. 

What do the Buccaneers’ new uniforms look like?

The Buccaneers‘ new uniforms come in three main colors, which correlate with the red, black, and white that make up their color scheme. The white uniforms feature red lettering with a barely-noticeable black outline. The font looks straight out of the early 2000s. It has a pop, unlike the previous hard-to-read numbers. White pants match the jerseys.

For the red and black uniforms, the white becomes the color. Like the white uniforms, however, these help the numbers pop out. The red uniform is printed with a black team name, white letter, and black border.

The black uniform has white numbers, red team names, and a red border. Both the red and the black uniforms are worn with black pants, while the black and red helmets appear to be the same on all three. 

Buccaneers players’ reactions


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Devin White, Anthony Nelson, MJ Stewart, Ryan Jensen, and several other players took to Twitter to praise the new uniform. With the sports world increasingly smitten with nostalgia, the Bucs chose the perfect time to turn back the clock. Wide receiver Bryant Mitchell was especially vocal about his love for the uniforms when talking to Sports Illustrated

“I’m excited,” Mitchell told SI. “I think it gives us those 2003 Super Bowl feels! I like that we went back to the classics. It’s time for a change around here, and this is the beginning. First [Brady], now this. Then, we have goals as a team to win and change the culture around here. The pewter alternate is super nice. I liked that all red, but I really like these. I like the way it looks. I’m a big fan of the white, though. That’s my favorite.”

The jerseys must be a hit with the fans, too. Brady jerseys flew off the virtual shelves almost immediately, with fans of the Bucs and the superstar quarterback coming together to sell them out with lightning quickness. Whether the Brady era results in the type of winning that the team desires is yet to be seen but with fans eager to see him on his new team, the new uniforms will be a bonus for everyone.