The Chicago Bears Are Aggressively Trying to Give Andy Dalton a $12 Million Weapon

The Chicago Bears tried to trade for Seattle Seahawks superstar quarterback Russell Wilson, but their Godfather offer was rebuffed. As a backup plan, the Bears signed veteran gunslinger Andy Dalton to a one-year, $10 million deal.

During his introductory press conference, Andy Dalton told reporters the Bears assured him he would be the starting quarterback in 2021. To make sure The Red Rifle can succeed in Chicago, the Bears are aggressively trying to give Dalton a $12 million weapon.

Allen Robinson will be Andy Dalton’s No. 1 option

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Bears star WR Allen Robinson signed his franchise tag for the 2021 season. The franchise tag means Robinson will get a fully guaranteed $18 million.

Andy Dalton is excited to play with Robinson, one of the best wideouts in the NFL. The Bears are hopeful that the Detroit native won’t hold out and will play during the 2021 season.

“Allen is a great player,” Dalton said, via NBC Sports Chicago. “I’ve watched him from afar, been on the other side playing against him. He can do so much, he’s so good when the ball is in the air, he can separate, he’s a complete receiver. He can kind of do it all. You love to see that. You love to have a guy that you know that when they are 1-on-1, more times than not they are going to make the play and give him the chance to do what he can do. I’m excited about getting to work with him. He has tremendous skill and he’s proven that year in and year out.”

Robinson isn’t happy that the Bears won’t give him a long-term extension. As a result, some around the NFL believe the one-time Pro Bowler could hold out and force Chicago to trade him.

With the Bears in 2020, Allen Robinson recorded 102 receptions for 1,250 yards and six touchdowns. Dalton played with A.J. Green on the Cincinnati Bengals, so he knows what it’s like to have a stud wide receiver by his side.

However, Andy Dalton has never had two prime players to throw the ball to. That could change in 2021 if the Bears can land a Chicago native in free agency.

The Bears made Kenny Golladay an aggressive offer

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The Bears are trying to sign former Detroit Lions star Kenny Golladay. According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, the Bears have made an “aggressive bid” for Golladay.

If Andy Dalton had Allen Robinson and Golladay to throw the ball to, the Bears could actually have an explosive offense in 2021. When he’s healthy, Golladay is an excellent player. He led the NFL with 11 receiving touchdowns in 2019.

Teams are worried about Golladay’s hip, which is why he probably won’t get a long-term deal in free agency. The 27-year-old may be willing to take less money to play for the Bears since he grew up in Chicago.

It will be fascinating to see if the Bears can pair Kenny Golladay with Allen Robinson and Andy Dalton. At this stage of his career, Dalton needs all the help he can get.

The Bears aren’t better than the Packers

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers will win the NFC North in 2021. Even if the Bears get Kenny Golladay, Andy Dalton isn’t good enough to lead them past the Packers.

Chicago’s defense may not be elite in 2021, as Kyle Fuller was cut, and Akiem Hicks will likely be traded or released due to cap reasons.

Unless the Bears can magically acquire Russell Wilson or Deshaun Watson, the Packers will reign supreme in the NFC North.