The Cleveland Browns Are Back to the Basics for New Uniforms

A recent trend in jerseys across sports involves embracing simplicity. While there are exceptions to the rule, many jerseys are using minimalist designs and color schemes as they roll out new uniforms. The Cleveland Browns are the latest team to embrace this trend — doing so to a nearly extreme level when they revealed the plan for their new jerseys.

New uniforms

Browns owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam confirmed to fans that Browns would be unveiling new uniforms, but they wouldn’t be doing it with lots of bells and whistles. The team turned back the clock in 2015 by embracing uniforms that harkened back to a different time, and they have not gone back since. While the new design has not yet been revealed, certain details have been teased about them by the owners. 

The first is the color scheme. Fans have loved the orange-themed uniforms, which have gone even simpler since the 2015 unveiling. Aside from the all-orange jerseys, some are black and white jerseys a brown facemask, and the team name on the legs. They also did an NFL-first by wearing the city’s name on the chest like basketball and baseball jerseys. The team is yet to go with an all-orange look, however.

These color schemes, which have been a hit with fans, have been promised to be the same, but the team appears intent on bringing the uniforms back to a more basic design. The team is working with officials with Nike to ensure that the jerseys will hit on everything that fans like about the new ones while also taking care of any issues that fans may have. 

As one of the older franchises in the NFL, the Browns have a long history with jerseys, so they have a lot to live up to. 


While the lack of prominent brown on the jerseys may seem a little bit ironic, the team has included it in some regard since 1946. Those helmets had a white scheme with brown trim. They switched over to the orange helmets in 1952 and have not looked back since. They have, however, embraced brown more prominently before.

It seems fitting that the Browns team with Jim Brown may have had the best of the brown jerseys that the team has worn. The jerseys were simple brown with typical white lettering. The sleeves, however, had white and orange striping at the bottom, giving a little bit of variety to the brown look on a sleek design. Combined with the white pants with the brown and white stripe down the side, the jerseys continue looking good new.

Perhaps, the new jerseys may bring this back. Cleveland, after all, continues to have a special bond with those teams. 

All brown everything?

Before the 2015 jerseys, the Browns were trying out a brown jersey with brown pants look. Some didn’t like them, but with a few tweaks embracing the team name with these colors could be fun for the team to consider as they want to go back to the Jim Brown era while trying something new. In some ways, embracing the bizarrely of this scheme on top of the nostalgia in the same ways could work wonders.

Brown and orange

Perhaps the best way to embrace the Browns most famous scheme would be to embrace the two most prominent colors. In the past, the team has tried the orange helmets with the traditional brown jerseys with orange pants, and it offered a unique scheme that is unlike any other scheme in sports. Because of this, having this as an option could be the most desirable option.