The Cowboys Finally Make Dak Prescott A Massive Contract Offer

Throughout the last several months, the focus around the Dallas Cowboys has been the long-term future of star quarterback Dak Prescott. He is currently moving towards free agency without a new deal in place this offseason, which has shifted the dialogue forward into contract talks with that quickly approaching. The two sides haven’t spoken on the subject for quite some time, but that looks to have changed this weekend as Dallas appears to have put on the table a lucrative contract offer for Prescott.

Dak Prescott’s contract situation

In the months leading into the 2019 season, the Cowboys had the talks around the team centered on Prescott’s contract situation. That has continued to remain the most prominent matter around the franchise, with the Pro Bowler still being without a new deal in place.

The two sides had quieted the dialogue on that front once last season began, and finally picked things back up earlier this month. It has become a more pressing matter, with Prescott potentially headed towards the team having to utilize the exclusive franchise tag for retaining him through at least the 2020 season.

Prescott has stayed optimistic about the situation throughout the entire process, even with there not being any significant progress towards a new deal being worked out. The Cowboys may have finally upped the ante on their end by presenting the 26-year-old with a lucrative deal.

What the Cowboys have offered Dak Prescott

Although both sides have picked up the chatter around getting a new contract in place, it hasn’t seen much in the way of any deals presented to the star quarterback.

That has changed offer the weekend as the Cowboys have reported made Prescott a significant offer to Prescott, according to Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News.

A source said the Cowboys offered Prescott an average salary of $33 million with a guaranteed contract of $105 million.

It could be a considerable step towards working out a deal before the Cowboys’ deadline to place a potential franchise tag on Prescott comes up on Thursday afternoon. That also shows the progress made in the talks, with Dallas being confident enough to put out a notable offer to their star quarterback.

The Cowboys have reportedly met with Prescott’s representatives twice since the conclusion of the NFL Scouting Combine last week. Prescott hasn’t made any movement on the new contract offer likely due to the upcoming new voting for the players on the reworked CBA that they have until Thursday at 10:59 p.m. to vote.

Nonetheless, Dallas has stepped up to the plate with presenting a lucrative deal on the table.

What will the Cowboys do with Dak Prescott?

There may not be any finality to the contract dealings between Prescott and the Cowboys, but it does give off the sense that there is a keen mutual interest.

Dallas may have struggled to push take that next step forward, but it demonstrates they have a strong belief he can be the quarterback that can lead them to a Super Bowl. In terms of his contract situation, the Cowboys have their options with the franchise in their back pocket that they can use on him to keep him through at least next season.

That also extends the window until mid-July to work out a new contract situation. What could also profoundly impact the Cowboys plan of action with Prescott is Amari Cooper’s pending free agency as he’s reportedly looking to secure one of the highest-paid deals in the league.

The next few days ahead of Thursday’s franchise tag deadline will be crucial in showing what direction the Cowboys will head with Prescott’s next contract.