The Craziest Ways Chiefs Fans Are Getting Ready for the Super Bowl

Kansas City Chiefs fans have waited a long time to celebrate a Super Bowl. The team last won in 1969 in the fourth Super Bowl since the AFL-NFL merger. As such, some fans are going above and beyond to honor the team’s participation. Let’s check out these fans’ plans to will the Chiefs to victory.

Chiefs fans marking it with ink

Sports and tattoos share a partnership like no other. After all, players across many sports are covered in tattoos and fans across the country often show their support for athletes and franchises with their ink.

According to KWCH, Chiefs fan Robert Gaskins decided to pay homage to one of his favorite Chiefs personalities, but it wasn’t a player. He got head coach Andy Reid’s face tattooed on his leg. Now, Reid adorns Gaskins with other athletes, from Mike Tyson to Joe Montana. 

Another Chiefs fan took this a step further and got a tattoo of the Chiefs’ 2020 Super Bowl Championship in May, leading many to speculate that he cursed the team. On Super Bowl Sunday, he will either hang his head in shame or celebrate his amazing ability to forbode. 

Kansas City embraces ketchup

A ketchup sandwich may not be the most appetizing meal, but Kansas City Public Schools put this on the menu in the leadup to the big game. This wasn’t a case of funding or neglect, but a nod to quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He’s declared his love for ketchup on many occasions. 

The #MahomesKetchupChallenge, as it’s known, took over schools across Kansas City and even made its way elsewhere. Mahomes, who has an endorsement deal with Hunt’s Ketchup, would surely be proud of the kids who cheer him on. 

Chiefs fans say ‘I do’

Chiefs fans Robert Walkowiak and Nikki Bailey set the date for their nuptials months before the Super Bowl and didn’t think to check their calendars. The result was a wedding coinciding with their beloved team playing in their biggest game in decades.

Upon realizing what they did, the couple decided to make their wedding the ultimate Super Bowl party before they knew that the Chiefs would play. The pair will exchange vows before kickoff and use the game as a reception and party.

Should the team win the big game, the couple is fully prepared to drive their wedding car to the nearest sports store and buy championship gear to cap off the night.

Chiefs fans making music

Music star Melissa Etheridge has been a longtime Chiefs fan and is often seen wearing her favorite Chiefs gear while she’s out and about. According to Chiefs Wire, she’s been a mainstay at the games, singing the National Anthem several times over the years. Needless to say, she’s excited to see her time on the big stage.

In a recent guest on The Dan Patrick Show, Etheridge discussed her fandom at length. There, she unveiled a song she wrote about her favorite team, using her acoustic guitar and signature voice to mention all of the players who never got to see the glory and how Mahomes and company were able to win one for them. 

All of these fans are excited to see their team win the Super Bowl. Whether the event coincides with life events or came to them months early, Chiefs fans have found unique ways to celebrate just being in the game.

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