The Kansas City Chiefs Definitely Have the Support of This NFL Fan Base

When the Kansas City Chiefs kick off against the San Francisco 49ers, they might do so with a whole other NFL franchise rooting for them. Before taking over for the Chiefs in 2013, Andy Reid spent 14 seasons as the Eagles’ head coach.

As Philadelphia’s leader, Reid only had a losing record with the Eagles three times. He was even behind the team’s 2005 Super Bowl appearance, which led to a loss to the Patriots. Reid still holds a special place in the hearts of Eagles fans. This support will likely involve a large cheering section for Super Bowl LIV.

Andy Reid’s time with the Eagles

As the Eagles’ head coach, Reid saw the rise of Donovan McNabb from struggling rookie to one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. From the Terrell Owens experiment, which led to the only Super Bowl appearance in the Reid era — to the ugly downfall of the Owens/McNabb partnership, Reid’s leadership kept the team afloat more often than not.

His final years with the team, which saw the re-emergence of Michael Vick at quarterback, Reid showed he could get it done without McNabb. When Vick started to go down, he oversaw the emergence of Nick Foles.

Reid has always had a reputation as a guy who could make any roster competitive. Although his final year in Philadelphia was an abysmal 4-12 affair, his overall legacy there remains positive. 

Philadelphia has since won a Super Bowl, but Reid oversaw an era of an Eagles team in constant contention. Even if he never crossed into the realm of Super Bowl champion, this doesn’t mean he’s the problem. 

Andy Reid’s perception

Head coach Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2012
Eagles coach Andy Reid in 2012 | Hunter Martin/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images

Reid received some ire from Eagles fans as he coached the team. After all, the team reached five-straight NFC Championships, only winning one. Still, after looking at the adversity he experienced when it came to injuries and personnel, we can’t ignore the fact that he gave them to prolonged bouts of success.

The Philadelphia Inquirer points out that some blame could go Reid’s direction, the good outweighs him. He demonstrates this by continuing to overachieve in Kansas City ever since he turned former bust Alex Smith into a perennial Pro Bowl player.

Philadelphia sports fans are notoriously finicky when it comes to their team. The stories of the fans booing Santa and talking trash have existed for decades, but this doesn’t mean they’re ungrateful for Reid in hindsight.

Can Reid finally win it all?

For all of his successes as an NFL coach, Reid has avoided a Super Bowl. He has come about as close as a coach can get, but winning the game is yet to happen. With a dominant 49ers team, he might not be able to get it done. However, with a bright, young quarterback in Patrick Mahomes and two-decades of experience, this could be his last chance. 

At 61 years old, Reid’s door is inevitably closing. Even if he coaches for a few more years, coaches his age are viewed as being on borrowed time. For him to finally win the Super Bowl would be a huge reward to a man who deserves it more than anyone else.

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