The LA Rams’ New Stadium Will Host This Event Before Any Football Games

SoFi Stadium is just months from opening. As the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers prepare for its opening, things must be perfect to make the transition seamless. After years without a football team, LA residents don’t just have two teams to choose from; they can also look forward to a gigantic state-of-the-art facility for their teams to call home

However, before the Rams and Chargers can experience SoFi for themselves, they’ll have to wait for one superstar to open it up.

What is SoFi Stadium? 

According to Heavy, SoFi Stadium received its name from the financial tech startup out of San Francisco by the same name. The company agreed to a $30 million contract over 20 years. This deal will help offset the cost to build the stadium, reportedly requiring $5 billion to construct.

The massive undertaking was initially supposed to open for the 2019 season, but rainfall made this an impossible task. Now, next year is the target date. In the end, SoFi Stadium will fit 70,240 people and expand to host 100,000 more.

The stadium and surrounding area will be a football and entertainment lover’s paradise. Those who don’t just want to visit can occupy the SoFi residences surrounded by fun shops and restaurants. With such a massive market, the project, first the vision of Rams owner Stan Kroenke, will practically become a brand-new city.

Inside SoFi Stadium

According to RamsWire, construction is ongoing at SoFi Stadium. And the results will almost certainly delight NFL fans. Nearly complete, the stadium will boast a massive Oculus video display that will hover above the stadium for a 360-degree viewing experience. The glass top will open and close to help with ventilation.

With an impressive collection of technological innovations, SoFi Stadium will have state-of-the-art luxury suites for deep-pocketed Chargers and Rams fans.

For the 2019 NFL season, the Rams played in a dilapidated LA Coliseum. And Dignity Health Sports Center hosted the Chargers on the campus of California State University, Dominguez Hills. Needless to say, SoFi Stadium will change the viewing experiences for fans. As such a huge project, the stadium needs a massive opening. But it won’t involve football.

Who is opening SoFi Stadium?

SoFi Stadium already has an impressive slate of events lined up. NFL fans can expect to see both the Chargers and Rams at least eight times a year on top of the preseason and postseason games. But this doesn’t begin to tell the whole story.

The stadium will host the 2028 Olympic ceremonies as well as the 2023 College Playoff Championship. SoFi Stadium hopes to hold 2026 World Cup matches, too. Concerning NFL events, the arena will host the 2022 Super Bowl.

Even these massive attractions don’t touch the musical possibilities that will come to SoFi Stadium. This will be on full display on the venue’s opening night. On July 25 and 26, 2020, the stadium will open with a two-night Taylor Swift concert called Taylor Swift & Friends: Lover Fest West.

The stadium will have no problems fulfilling its massive occupancy for the international superstar. With “friends” advertised in Swift’s concert title, we expect to see other big-name acts give the new home of LA football the kickoff it deserves before a football ever touches the field.

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