The Last Dance’: Michael Jordan’s Former Teammate Had to Warn His Family Ahead of Episodes 3 and 4

With the world on lockdown due to COVID-19, live sports have come to a screeching halt. Much to the delight of fans, ESPN recently released The Last Dance. The 10-part docu-series features Michael Jordan and his final season with the NBA championship team, Chicago Bulls.

Viewers around the country tuned into ESPN every Sunday night to catch the next episode. However, there’s a former Bulls player who didn’t look forward to Episodes 3 and 4. He even had to warn his family ahead of time.

The Last Dance

NBA Entertainment camera crews received full access to the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls on and off the court. They followed Jordan and the rest of the winning team throughout the entire season. The never-before-seen footage has been compiled by ESPN to create the critically-acclaimed documentary series.

The Last Dance includes in-depth interviews with Coach Phil Jackson, members of the Bulls’ franchise, and notable figures. Fans get a rare inside look at what makes Jordan tick and how the team became so successful.

Episodes 3 and 4 were too revealing for one Bulls player

Episodes 3 and 4 of The Last Dance focused on the controversial Dennis Rodman, and the role he played in the late ’90s during the Bulls’ NBA reign. Some of Scott Burrell’s antics with the Bulls also show in these episodes. Burrell, who had a nine-year career in the NBA, played only one season for the Bulls in 1997-98.

In The Last DanceJordan calls out Burrell for his partying and refers to him as “Dennis Rodman, Jr.” The docu-series show the two sharing breakfast on the team plane when Jordan says, “Single man, and he thinks he can hang out all night.” Burrell begged Jordan to stop teasing him and relax about exposing his nightlife, saying, “Hey, don’t say that on camera, yo.”

Jordan relentlessly continued, “If he committed to one girl, it’s a lie. He’s out there every night.” Burrell took the jabs and jokingly said that his parents would one day see the footage, again pleading, “Do not put this on tape right here. That’s messed up.” Jordan laughed and replied, “Mom and Dad, he’s an alcoholic.”

Scott Burrell had to warn his family about ‘The Last Dance’

Now a coach for the college basketball team, Southern Connecticut Fighting Owls, Burrell felt he needed to warn his family before the episodes aired. He recently sat down with CBS Sports HQ to discuss the notorious scene with Jordan, saying, “I really wasn’t that bad. I was a normal 28-year old kid playing basketball.”

Burrell said he knew the episode would show Jordan teasing him about his partying lifestyle, so he felt obliged to warn his parents. When asked how he felt about the scene, Burrell replied, “So, I’m sitting on the couch watching with Jeane, my wife, and I was like, ‘What is she going to think? What are her parents going to think?’ But you know what, that was 20-something years ago, so it’s a different way of life.”

How Burrell’s wife responded

Jeane Coakley, a SportsNet New York reporter married to Burrell, took The Last Dance episode that included her husband in stride. In a recent interview, she claims that she found it to be hilarious. Coakley said, “I was in high school. It was 20 years ago.” She took to Twitter after the episode aired, saying, “I was in high school when ‘baby Rodman’ was at his peak.”

Coakley continued to interact with followers and won the internet with her replies. In the interview, Coakley said, “I thought it was great. It’s like watching an old home video of your husband only with Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player that ever played the game. It was fabulous!”