Justin Herbert Isn’t the Only Reason the Los Angeles Chargers’ Job is a Coach’s Dream

Black Monday in the NFL is the day after the regular-season where coaches who have underperformed are relieved of their coaching duties or fired in simpler terms. The Los Angeles Chargers were a part of this year’s black Monday, firing Anthony Lynn after four seasons. LA finished 7-9 this season but lost multiple games due to poor clock management and coaching decisions. 

With Lynn gone, the Chargers will be looking for a new head coach to lead the way. Whoever accepts the offer would inherit a very favorable scenario in LA. There are many things the Chargers have that make this head coaching vacancy the best one in the NFL.

The Los Angeles Chargers options at head coach

Even though the search for LA’s next head coach just started, there have been some names swirling around the Chargers might be interested in. One of the first names being Arthur Smith. Smith is currently the Tennessee Titans’ offensive coordinator, where he has revitalized Ryan Tannehill’s career. His work with Tannehill is impressive, but he has prioritized a strong run game behind Derrick Henry.

Speaking of offense, Eric Bieniemy is another hot name. Bieniemy is known for his success with Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs’ offense. The former running back now offensive coordinator is on many teams’ list for head coach.

If the Chargers want a more defensive-minded coach, Robert Saleh would be an interesting name. Saleh has been a hot name for a couple of years, building that dominant front seven that led the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl. The biggest name on the Chargers’ list is former Ohio State and Florida coach Urban Meyer. Meyer has garnered interest from the Jacksonville Jaguars, so the Chargers have competition there.

Whoever the Chargers chose to be the next head coach will be put in the best position of any other incoming head coach in the league. He will inherit a team with multiple stars on both sides of the ball and a franchise quarterback.

The Chargers have a plethora of riches for their next head coach

The Los Angeles Chargers’ next head coach will walk into a team loaded with weapons and star talent. What is important to an incoming head coach is who the quarterback is. That should be no issue, as the Chargers have one of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL on their roster.

Justin Herbert has proven during his rookie season that he is LA’s future at quarterback. He broke multiple rookie records, including the rookie touchdown passing record. His leadership and poise under pressure are things LA’s next head coach will build on. Herbert also has Keenan Allen and Mike Williams to throw to. There are more weapons an offensive-minded coach (should LA hire one) would salivate over. 

Defensive-minded coaches would also be happy with what they inherit on defense. Derwin James is still on the roster, who is a great hybrid defensive back. His versatility on defense would allow any coach to utilize him in several schemes and packages. Joey Bosa is holding down the line, being one of the more ferocious pass rushers in the NFL. 

The Chargers also have nine picks in the upcoming draft. They have the No. 13 pick, which could be useful for LA’s next head coach. Even though there will be many great things that come with the Chargers’ job, there is still much work to be done. 

The next Chargers coach will have some decisions to make


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Despite all the riches that come with the LA Chargers head coaching job, tough decisions have to be made. Some key players for the team will become free agents, meaning the next head coach will need to let them walk, resign, or use the franchise tag.

Hunter Henry is the biggest name LA needs to address this offseason. Henry has proven to be a decent tight end, having over 600 yards receiving the past two years per ESPN. However, the price tag that comes with Henry might not be worth it. That is something the new Chargers head coach will have to consider. Melvin Ingram is another Charger player heading to free agency. Ingram didn’t record a single sack and played in seven games this season.

There are more impending free agents on the Chargers roster the new head coach will need to figure out. Depending on the next coach’s moves, the Chargers could end up with considerable cap space. Outside of free agency, drafting the right player is another thing to consider. 

The Los Angeles Chargers head coach opening is quite the opportunity. Having a franchise quarterback, a loaded offense, and an impressive defense is all a new coach can ask for. They will need to instill a winning culture, but everything else is there to elevate the Chargers to a winning franchise.