The Los Angeles Clippers Have New Uniforms to Match Their New Team

The Los Angeles Clippers are in the process of some big changes. New players energized their lineup and encouraged support from their fans. In addition, we’ll also see some cosmetic changes. The team is getting a fresh look with brand new jerseys. Here’s a quick overview of the changes and what you can expect from the Clippers for the 2019-2020 season. 

The Los Angeles Clippers added Kawhi Leonard to the team

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Last July, the Clippers added two new players to the team. The first new player is Kawhi Leonard, who led two of his previous teams to the NBA championships.

In 2014, Leonard helped the Spurs win the championship and was given his first Finals Most Valuable Player award. Earlier this year, he did it again with the Toronto Raptors. Leonard led the Raptors to their first NBA championship and won his second Finals MVA award. 

Leonard was signed as a free agent to play for the Clippers. He was given a three-year contract worth $103 million. According to the Orange County Register, his final decision to join the team came down to respect for the Clipper’s coach, Doc Rivers.

And so far, Leonard feels like things are going well. “It’s been good so far,” Leonard said. He went on to say:

“I think we’re still learning each other. I’m still trying to see what he [Rivers] likes and what he’s gonna run after timeouts, and it’s just a growing relationship, really, right now. We both respect each other, and we like each other’s approach to the game for the most part. It’s just gonna keep building. Only four games in, but it’s been good so far.” 

The Clippers added Paul George to the team

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The other new player to the Los Angeles Clippers team is Paul George. Previously with the Oklahoma City Thunder, George was traded to the Clippers for Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Danilo Gallinari. In addition, Thunder received five first-round draft picks and the rights to swap two other first-round picks.

While it seems that the Clippers gave up a lot to get George, the team is excited to have him. “When you have the opportunity to acquire a contributor of his caliber, you do what it takes to bring him home,” Lawrence Frank, the Clippers president of basketball operations told the Los Angeles Times

According to CBS News, both Leonard and George were hoping to end up in Los Angeles. Everyone involved seems to be ecstatic with the same this deal turned out. The Clippers knew Leonard and George would make a great addition to the team, and the players wanted to be there too. Everything seems to have worked out for the best. 

The Clippers get a new jersey

In addition to their new players, the Los Angeles Clippers will also have a new look. Their new “city edition” jerseys were introduced on the cover of Sports Illustrated 2019-2020 NBA Preview. The photograph featured Leonard, George, and four other Clippers players wearing the new uniform.

The old jerseys were navy, red, and white. They featured the letters ‘LA’ in a striped pattern. The new jerseys are a simple black and white design with the words “Los Angeles” written in old English font across the front.

For the new design, the Clippers turned to famous Los Angeles graffiti artist Mister Cartoon. The colors were chosen because they complement the artist’s style. Cartoon is known for his work designing billboards, video games, athletic wear, and even cars. 

The new uniforms will be worn for the first time at the November 22 home game against the Houston Rockets. They will be worn a total of 17 times over the course of this season. A new look is the perfect way for the Clippers to mark the changes to their lineup and encourage fans to get pumped for a successful season