The MLB Isn’t Wasting Any Time Supporting Players Kneeling for the National Anthem

With the MLB scheduled to start the season on July 23, teams are excited to get the season rolling. However, certain teams do not want to forget about what’s been going on in the world regarding police brutality and social justice.

In an exhibition game on July 20, some players from the San Francisco Giants decided to take a knee during the national anthem, and the MLB is in full support.

The San Francisco Giants want to speak out against racial injustice

Gabe Kapler, manager of the San Francisco Giants, wants to use his position to spread awareness about racial injustice. Kapler joined several of his players kneeling during the national anthem before an exhibition game against the Oakland Athletics. In an article from, Kapler spoke about his thoughts on what has happened the past few months across the country. “I wanted them to know that I wasn’t pleased with the way our country has handled police brutality and I told them I wanted to amplify their voices and I wanted to amplify the voice of the Black community and marginalized communities as well,” he said.

Kapler did not want to sit around and do nothing, and he wanted to take action and use his platform as a tool to show how he feels about how the country has handled racism and that changes need to be made. This was a discussion that Kapler had with his team, and he said that they would continue to have conversations surrounding the topic. Right fielder Jaylin Davis and first base coach Antoan Richardson were among the Giants’ organizations that took a knee during the national anthem.

While Kapler didn’t mention how long they will continue to kneel during the national anthem, he knows that they will always have the opportunity to decide on what to do. “We’re going to have 60 chances in the regular season to make the same decision that we made today, to either stand or kneel or do something different. Right now it’s another opportunity tomorrow night,” he said.

The MLB is in full support of the Giants decision to kneel during the anthem

MLB used Twitter to show its support of what the Giants did. In a post showing a video of members of the Giants kneeling during the anthem, MLB wrote “Members of the

@SFGiants kneel during the National Anthem.” MLB also put the hashtag BlackLivesMatter in the post. There has been a lot of engagement from that post as MLB lets the world know that it is in full support of what teams and players are doing.

Colin Kaepernick started the movement of taking a knee during the national anthem almost four years ago. He did it to protest racial inequality and police brutality against minorities. Now fast-forwarding to 2020, there are more and more professional athletes and teams kneeling during the national anthem.

What does this mean for the future of sports?

Athletes are not only athletes, as people, but they also have a right to express their opinions and concerns just like everyone else. Now we’re starting to see more and more athletes speak out about social injustice and police brutality. They are using their platform to help spread awareness. Whether it’s from wearing a shirt or speaking out via social media, they’re finding ways to express how they feel.

Leagues are starting to take notice and support their athletes. The NBA and NFL have agreed to allow players to display social justice messages on the back of their jerseys. For some players, it’s more than a game, some people look up to these athletes and have a lot of respect for them. The fact that athletes and teams want to use their platform to speak up on the issues that are going on is worth noting.