The MLB Players With the Most Single-Derby Home Runs

The Home Run Derby is a chance for some of the best hitters in Major League Baseball to show off their skill all while raising money for charity. But there are some players who have far outscored the many others who have tried their hand at the event. Here are the top 13 Single-Derby hitters of all time, followed by the records for the most home runs total and the most home runs in one round.

13. Prince Fielder

Prince Fielder
Prince Fielder holds the No. 13 spot. | Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images
  • Home runs: 28 (2012)

In 2012, Prince Fielder became one of the top Home Run Derby hitters with a whopping 28 home runs. He also won the Derby for his second time, becoming the second player to ever do so behind Ken Griffey Jr. Fielder hit two home runs 476 feet, which is not easy to do at Kauffman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals. Fielder played for the Detroit Tigers at the time and announced his retirement in 2016.

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12. Mark Trumbo

Mark Trumbo Orioles
Mark Trumbo holds the No. 12 spot. | Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
  • Home runs: 30 (2016)

Mark Trumbo gave his all in the 2016 Home Run Derby and managed to hit 30 balls out of the park. But he wasn’t the winner; Trumbo won round one of the Derby but lost out to the No. 1 player on our list in round two. He ended with a total of 30 home runs. Trumbo currently plays for the Baltimore Orioles.

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11. Adrián González

Adrian Gonzalez
Adrián González holds the No. 11 spot. | Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images
  • Home runs: 31 (2011)

The 2011 Home Run Derby was held at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona, and Adrián González came to win. He didn’t, though, losing by just one home run to another player on this countdown. But he did put on quite a show. González eliminated Ortiz and went on to eliminate Prince Fielder as well. González played for the Boston Red Sox during the Derby. He was a free agent and signed a one-year contract with the Mets in January 2018, but the team released him in June 2018.

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10. (tie) David Ortiz

David Ortiz
David Ortiz takes the tying No. 10 spot. | Rich Gagnon/Getty Images
  • Home runs: 32 (2010)

David “Big Papi” Ortiz found himself the winner of the 2010 Home Run Derby, beating second place Hanley Ramirez by six home runs. Ortiz had a reputation for being a powerhouse hitter, and the 2010 Derby proved he was on top of his game. Ortiz made his MLB debut in 1997 with the Minnesota Twins but spent most of his nearly 20-year career with the Boston Red Sox. He announced his retirement in 2016.

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10. (tie) Robinson Canó

Robinson Cano
Robinson Canó also ties for No. 10. | Jason Miller/Getty Images
  • Home runs: 32 (2011)

The Yankees’ Robinson Canó beat out home run hitter Adrian Gonzalez to take the title of the 2011 Home Run Derby. Canó had just one more home run than second-place Gonzalez at Phoenix’s Chase Field. But the following year, Cano was involved in a Derby controversy when, as the captain of the AL Derby team, he failed to pick the Royals’ Billy Butler to join the team. (The Royals were hosting the Derby that year.) It led to boos from Royals fans, and ultimately Canó didn’t hit a single home run in the 2012 Derby and finished last. Canó currently plays for the Mariners.

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10. (tie) Yoenis Céspedes

Yoenis Cespedes
Yoenis Céspedes ties for a No. 10 spot. | Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images
  • Home runs: (32) 2013

Yoenis Céspedes took home the victory at the 2013 Home Run Derby thanks to his 32 home runs. He beat out runner-up Bryce Harper by eight homers to claim the title at the Mets’ Citi Field in Queens, New York. Céspedes played for the Oakland Athletics during his win but currently plays for the Mets. The outfielder made headlines in July 2018 when he wanted to start playing first base for the Mets, who were struggling to win games.

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10. (tie) Miguel Sanó

miguel sano
Miguel Sanó is the last in a four-way tie. | Hannah Foslien/Getty Images
  • Home runs: 32 (2017)

The final player in this four-way, 10th-place tie is Miguel Sanó, who hit 32 home runs in the 2017 Derby at Marlins Park in Miami, Florida. He lost the Derby to the No. 2 overall player on this list, but he put up a fight, beating Mike Moustakas in the first round and Gary Sánchez in the second. Sanó is currently a third baseman and designated hitter for the Minnesota Twins. He made his MLB debut in 2015.

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6. Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton
Josh Hamilton takes spot No. 6. | Jason O. Watson/Getty Images
  • Home runs: 35 (2008)

Josh Hamilton set a record during this Derby, but he didn’t win. Hamilton actually scored more home runs than Justin Morneau, who took home the victory (Hamilton had 35 home runs while Morneau had 22). But 28 of Hamilton’s home runs came in the first round, and he performed far worse in the following two rounds, scoring just four and three respectively, despite setting a Derby record. Hamilton played for the Texas Rangers during the Derby but ultimately suffered a knee injury that cut his career short.

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5. Joc Pederson

Joc Pederson
Joc Pederson takes the No. 5 spot. | Denis Poroy/Getty Images
  • Home runs: 39 (2015)

Joc Pederson just barely lost to the No. 3 record-holder on this list in the 2015 Home Run Derby at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Ohio. Peterson hit 39 home runs but lost by one homer in the final round. He still set a record, though, becoming the 5th-highest home run hitter in Derby history. Pederson currently plays center field for the Dodgers and was just 23 years old in the 2015 Derby.

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4. Bobby Abreu

Bobby Abreu
Bobby Abreu takes the No. 4 spot. | Doug Pensinger/Getty Images
  • Home runs: 41 (2005)

Bobby Abreu had an insanely good first round in the 2005 Derby, slamming 24 balls out of the park. But his next two rounds were far less, hitting only six and 11 homer runs, respectively. He went on to win the derby by more than 20 home runs. Abreu played outfield for the Phillies at the time, but ended his career with the Mets in 2014.

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3. Todd Frazier

Todd Frazier
Todd Frazier takes the No. 3 spot. | Christian Petersen/Getty Images
  • Home runs: 42 (2016)

2016 was a big year for this countdown. The No. 12 record holder Mark Trumbo hit 30 home runs, but it wasn’t enough to beat Todd Frazier’s 42. (And 42 still wasn’t enough to beat our No. 1 record-holder’s insane amount). Frazier came in second place in 2016. He played for the White Sox during the Derby and had a successful season with the Yankees the following year. But he joined the Mets for the 2018 season, and the team has seen their share of struggles.

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2. Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge Singles
Aaron Judge takes the No. 2 spot. | Mike Stobe/Getty Images
  • Home runs: 47 (2017)

Aaron Judge beat out Miguel Sanó, the No. 10 player on this list, in 2017. That year, Judge became the first-ever rookie to win the Derby. Judge, who currently plays for the Yankees, made his MLB debut in 2016 and was 2017 AL rookie of the year. Judge currently plays outfield for the Yankees, who drafted him in 2013. He previously played at Fresno State.

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1. Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton
Giancarlo Stanton needs to stay healthy for the Marlins. | Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
  • Home runs: 61 (2016)

No one has hit even close to the number of single-Derby home runs Giancarlo Stanton has under his belt. The then-26-year-old beat out Mark Trumbo (No. 12 on this list) and Todd Frazier (No. 3 on this list) to take the victory in 2016’s Derby at Petco Park in San Diego. Stanton faced Frazier in the final, where he hit 20 home runs compared to Frazier’s 13. Stanton played for the Marlins at the time and currently plays for the Yankees.

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Most all-time home runs: Todd Frazier (91)

Todd Frazier
Todd Frazier has the most Home Run Derby home runs of all time. | Elsa/Getty Images

Todd Frazier may only have the third-most single-game homers, but he has the most all-time home runs in the Derby with 91. Giancarlo Stanton follows with 83, and Prince Fielder is behind him with 81. Frazier won the Derby in 2015 with 39 home runs and had 42 in 2016 (but lost to Stanton). Frazier will not compete in the 2018 Derby.

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Most home runs in a single round: Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton
Josh Hamilton has the most single-round home runs. Tom Szczerbowski | Getty Images

Josh Hamilton, No. 6 on this list, holds the record for most home runs in a single round, which he set during the 2008 Derby. Hamilton hit 28 homers in the first round, and finished the Derby with 35 total after to failing to get nearly as many in the following two rounds. He still set two records during that Derby though, which gave him two separate appearances on this list.