The Most Expensive Golf Courses Will Cost You an Arm and a Leg

An old saying among golfers is that a round of golf represents a good walk spoiled. One element that makes golf such a good walk involves a golf course’s gorgeous scenery. It makes it a lot easier to handle when your game isn’t going well. Not every golf course is created equal, however. Many expensive golf courses around the world cost a pretty penny to play. Let’s look at five of the most expensive golf courses in the world.

County Cork, Ireland: Old-Head Golf Links

The Par four eighteenth hole and the Clubhouse at Old Head GC in Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland
The eighteenth hole and Clubhouse at Old Head Golf Course in County Cork, Ireland | Paul Severn/Allsport

The entrance fee for this Irish course is 350 Euros, or around $400, according to Anyday Golfer. It’s a par 72 course with six tees at each hole, meaning amateurs and professionals alike can use this course. Each tee features a different setting, with gorgeous views of the water from its beautiful cliffs.

While it makes for a stunning visual, it also adds an element of danger to the game. One bad swing can send your ball over the edge of the cliff. A few of the holes were even built to go through the water, featuring cliffs on either side. It’s open from the middle of April through the end of October. 

Nevada: Shadow Creek

The bright lights of Las Vegas aren’t the only breathtaking attraction in the state of Nevada. Established in 1990, this 18-hole course attracts many of Vegas’ high-rollers. It’s $500 to play — a steep price, but worth it. The course resides in the middle of a forest of 21,000 trees, which block it out from public view.

On top of amazing views, Shadow Creek takes a “customer first” approach. Players who play this course are treated to a limousine that will chauffeur them around the course. Fun fact: The 2018 contest between Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods, dubbed “The Match,” happened here. 

Victoria, Australia: Royal Melbourne

This course is fairly expensive, though just how expensive depends on where you’re from. Local golfers can play for $300 while international ones play for $500. It’s a two-part course; both parts have their own 18-hole course.

The course is full of obstacles such as trees and bushes in between holes, but the course itself is rather simple in design. The fairways are all wide. It’s a rather hilly course, making for a challenging walk, too. The oldest course in Australia, it was the first-ever non-U.S. course to host the PGA President’s Cup. 

Iwate, Japan: Iwate Hirono

Built in the same style as the U.S.’s Pine Valley course, Iwate Hirono’s designers lined its fairways with trees. The course itself is near the populous city of Kobe and is one of the top courses in Japan, known for its par three holes. It also features gardens throughout the course. One round at the legendary course will run you $550. 

California: Pebble Beach 

One of the most famous American courses, Pebble Peach has played host to the U.S. Open, Ryder Cup, and Pro-Am tournaments multiple times. Built strategically near the Pacific, players get great views of the ocean as they move throughout the course. Built in 1919, the name Pebble Beach is synonymous with American golf — and the price to play reflects that at $475 per round.