The Most Powerful UFC Fighters With Shredded Bodies

Fighters who don’t look that fit or muscular can often be the best in the UFC. Other times, UFC champions specifically focus on their physique to ensure they can handle anything that comes their way. Here’s a look at the UFC fighters with the most shredded bodies.

Yoel Romero

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He may seem like a fun guy, often smiling in front of the cameras, but Yoel Romero easily has the most insane physique in the UFC. The 6-feet tall fighter competes in the 185-pound division, but he weighed in at around 207 pounds when he last fought. That’s not notably impressive until you consider his age. At 42 years old, Romero looks more ripped than most men in their 20s. Many accuse him of using performance-enhancing drugs, but nothing has been proven.

Romero’s workout regimen is crazy, too. As an Olympic-level athlete, he’s trained in wrestling all of his life. Some of those techniques include tossing guys around to build up his strength and cardio. Many fans do believe he’s a genetic freak. Robert Whittaker, the current champion who’s beat Romero twice, remarked that hitting Romero’s body felt like hitting steel.

Paulo Costa 

Like Romero, Paulo Costa is another extremely shredded man who many think uses performance-enhancing drugs. Again, there’s been no proof, although Costa did get a suspension for using an IV. Regardless, this 6-foot-1 Brazilian weighed in at 214-pounds when he last fought. In the battle of the most shredded bodies, his last fight was against Romero, and the 28-year-old won the decision. Unlike Romero though, Costa doesn’t do anything special when he trains; he just works hard and eats right, according to him.

Conor McGregor

The Notorious McGregor was especially shredded when he fought in the 145-pound division, as he had to cut a lot of weight to be eligible. At 5-foot-9, his weight varies based on where he’s fighting. However, since Conor McGregor barely cut weight to prepare for his fights against Nate Diaz, it’s safe to assume he weighs about 170 pounds when he’s not starving himself.

The 31-year-old’s workout routine is unusual as it largely relies on his body. McGregor lifts weights occasionally, but he mostly does bodyweight exercises, including a routine called Movement Culture. This system trains the body’s flexibility and mobility as well as strength. Movement Culture helped McGregor achieve greatness inside the cage, so it seems to work. 

Francis Ngannou

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One of the scariest UFC fighters, Francis Ngannou is a 6-foot-4 heavyweight from Cameroon, Africa. He doesn’t cut weight, so what Ngannou weighs in at is generally what he weighs in the cage. In his last fight, the 33-year-old weighed in at 255 pounds.

Ngannou did manual labor as he grew up, which helped develop his incredible physique. Then, he moved to France to pursue a better life — he was even homeless for a time. Despite that, Ngannou has maintained his jacked body, since becoming a famous knockout artist in the UFC. According to Ngannou, he just trains and eats normally.