The Mysterious Disappearance of Former Harlem Globetrotter Rico Harris

Rico Harris grew up loving the game of basketball. He is a native of LA, California, and was a standout in high school. Harris had the opportunity to play with the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters for a short period.

After his basketball career ended, Harris relocated to Seattle in 2014. In 2014 he went missing after traveling from California to Seattle.

Rico Harris was a talented basketball player growing up

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Harris’ father was a semi-professional basketball player, and Harris had dreams of becoming a professional basketball player himself at a young age. He attended Temple City High School, where he was a star player and was one of the top high school players in southern California. He immediately became a top college prospect, and he started to draw attention from NBA players, including Lamar Odom.

After he graduated from high school, he attended Arizona State University. During his time there, he was arrested on suspicion of unlawful imprisonment but was never charged. Harris ended up transferring to LA City College, where he had had success on the basketball team. He led the team to its first state championship, and after his time there, he attended Cal State Northridge.

Harris received interests from other top schools and the NBA, but he decided to attend Northridge instead. He faced some troubles on the team, and he was suspended twice for violating team rules. Harris was once regarded as a top basketball prospect now found his dreams of playing professionally in jeopardy.

Rico Harris joining the Harlem Globetrotters for a short time and then hitting rock bottom

After his time at Northridge, Harris joined the Harlem Globetrotters. Unfortunately, injuries that he suffered from an assault in 2000 forced him to quit after one month. His basketball career was over, and for Harris, that was a big blow. He loved the game so much, and it finally hit him that he wouldn’t be playing anymore.

When Harris walked away from basketball, alcoholism started to enter his life. He also became addicted to illegal drugs. From 2001 to 2007, Harris faced 16 cases before the LA County Superior Court on charges from public intoxication and burglary, to trespassing. His life was taking a turn for the worse. He ended up going to a rehab center to turn his life around, and he managed to stay clean for about seven years. In October of 2014, Harris relocated to Seattle with his girlfriend, and he was working on getting his life back together. But something happened to Harris in 2014 that is still a mystery.

The disappearance of Rico Harris

Harris decided to travel back to California from Seattle in 2014 to spend time with his family. His girlfriend did not know that he was driving back to California, and she was worried about his safety and well-being. Harris remained in contact with his girlfriend when he arrived in California. He went to see his mother and also spend time with his brother. During his time in California, Harris did not sleep at all.

Harris only spent a day in California and made the trip back up to Seattle. Throughout that time, Harris and his girlfriend were in communication. Harris let her know that he was near Sacramento getting some gas, and a few hours later, he texted her and apologized for missing one of her calls. That was the last time his girlfriend heard from him.

When Harris did not arrive home, his girlfriend started to worry and reached out to his mother. A search began for Harris, and his abandoned car was found in a Yolo County park. Through countless hours of searches and investigations, there was no trace of Harris. Nearly six years later, he still has not been found.