The New Orleans Saints Came Together to Deliver an Impactful Message Regarding Black Women

With everything that has transpired across the country regarding racism and police brutality, professional athletes have stepped up in a big way to make sure they are using their platform to make their voices heard.

The New Orleans Saints decided to make a video announcing a season-long #SayHerName initiative to address Black women in America.

The New Orleans Saint coming together for a bigger purpose

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Aside from the 2020 NFL season starting, the Saints have come together to make sure their voices are heard. A lot has happened throughout the world, and 2020 has been a trying year for many. From the coronavirus pandemic to famous athletes’ deaths, a lot of people have had their hearts broken. 

Another thing that has gone on is the killings of innocent people due to police brutality. Many protests and marches have transpired because of the senseless killings, and some professional athletes have joined in on the protests and marches to show their support. Racial injustice has been another issue throughout the country. On social media, many athletes and teams have delivered messages addressing the importance of voting and supporting social justice movements.

The New Orleans Saints decided to come together as a team and create an initiative for Black women. In an ESPN article, Saints linebacker Demario Davis and left tackle Terron Armstead talked about the player-led campaign and how the team wanted to be on the same page with a united issue. The players credited Saints owner Gayle Benson and the organization for showing their support. 

“That’s what you need for change — you need everybody,” Davis said in the article. “We want to be an example as an organization.” Professional athletes are more than athletes, they are people too and they shouldn’t just focus on playing their sport. That’s why it’s a good thing to see so many athletes addressing their concerns about what’s been going on across the country.

Saints players producing an impactful video

The Saints’ video featured multiple players, including Drew Brees, Malcolm Jenkins, Alvin Kamara, Cameron Jordan, Thomas Morstead, Craig Robertson, Demario Davis, and Terron Armstead. Several players tweeted out the video on their Twitter accounts to spread the message of what they’re doing. Jenkins was one of those players that shared the video on his social media.

“Too often the intersectionality of racism and sexism creates a unique plight experienced by BLACK WOMEN. For a more just & equal society, we as a @saints team, will dedicate this season to uplifting the voices, exposing the oppression, and highlighting black women. #SayHerName” Those are the words that Jenkins wrote on his Twitter with the video attached to it. Jenkins is one of the Saints team leaders, and he is not afraid of voicing their concerns about issues in the world. 

The Saints will continue to spread awareness throughout the season

The ESPN article mentioned that players would have roundtable discussions each week regarding issues related to Black women and their experiences. The video featured the players delivering a message to the world about Black women.

“We as Saints want to utilize our platform this season for meaningful change,” the players said in the video. “Not to distract from issues. Not to stick to sports. But to work together as teammates for meaningful change. Our goal is to raise awareness around the current state of Black women in America.” As long as this issue continues, the Saints will continue to spread awareness and shed light on Black women.