The NFL’s Oldest MVP Is Exactly Who You Think

Tom Brady has so many awards, records, and accolades that set him apart from other NFL quarterbacks. From his Super Bowls to his statistical feats of excellence, it’s hard to find something Brady hasn’t accomplished. One particular feat — despite being among his most impressive — may be forgotten among all of the other ones.

Tom Brady’s book of records 

According to, Brady is the holder of 54 NFL records. He has the most wins of any starting quarterback in history, the greatest record of any quarterback, most individual wins of any NFL player, and most regular-season wins. He has 10 consecutive division titles by a quarterback and 16 overall — both of which are records. 

Some of Brady’s records are more obscure like his 155 wins through 200 games and 87 wins through his first 100. Entering the season, he had the best record in home games ever at 119-18-0, with a 139-21-0 record when including playoffs. His 60 wins in December are the most in NFL history, and he may grow that number in the coming weeks. 

Needless to say, Brady is no stranger to the record books, but one particular record may sum him up more than any others. 

Oldest MVP in NFL history

When Brady won the MVP award for the 2017 season, he became the oldest MVP in NFL history. Despite consistently contending for the award since 2000, it can be easy to forget just how impressive Brady’s run has been. While most starting QBs are lucky to have more than one or two years of MVP contention, he’s done so nearly 20 years into his career. 

Brady led the Patriots to a 13-3-0 record during the 2017 season, and he did so with some of the best numbers of his career. Completing over 66% of his 581 passes, the University of Michigan alum threw 32 touchdowns and only eight interceptions on a league-best 4,577 throwing yards on the season. Even by Brady’s standards, it was one of his finest seasons, and he did so on the wrong side of 40. 

One thing Brady didn’t do, however, was win the Super Bowl that season. In a feat that was typically saved for playing against Eli Manning, Brady lost the Super Bowl to the Philadelphia Eagles that season. While the Eagles are back in mediocrity, Brady and the Patriots are once again in contention for another ring. 

Brady stands alone on top

Brady wasn’t just the oldest MVP in NFL history; he was the oldest MVP in any of the four major sports. The quarterback even beat out baseball’s Barry Bonds, who was months younger but also 40 when he won his last MVP award. While he is now the oldest winner in history, Brady is not the only player to win the award near the end of his career. 

At 37 years old, Peyton Manning famously won the award during his brief career in Denver following one of his best seasons as a pro football player. Brett Favre and Warren Moon both had MVP-type seasons at the age of 40, but neither secured the award like Brady. Needless to say, what he did was impressive. 

We don’t know how much longer we will get to watch Brady throw the football, but as long as he does he has a chance to break more records both due to longevity and his continued dominant play, even when there’s some regression.

While Brady’s career may last a few more weeks or a few years, all people can do is appreciate what he’s done in the process.