The Philadelphia Eagles Continue to Sabotage Themselves Trying to Trade Carson Wentz

The Philadelphia Eagles have had quite the offseason, and it isn’t even March yet. The team had a nightmarish season, finishing 4-11-1. They fired their head coach Doug Pederson in an effort to salvage their relationship with disgruntled quarterback Carson Wentz. Despite all of this, the Eagles are still planning to trade Wentz soon.

Philly’s has had teams inquire about Wentz and what it would take to get him. However, the interested teams could back out soon. The Eagles are sabotaging their efforts trying to trade Wentz because of their flawed market analysis.

Who is interested in trading for Carson Wentz?

The Eagles are trying to trade their $128 million quarterback, which isn’t an easy task. The team that gets Wentz will have to absorb the majority of that contract. The teams who want him must be sure they can help him get back to his 2017 self.

One of the teams that have been a potential trade destination for Wentz is the Indianapolis Colts. The biggest reason they are a hot landing spot is because of the head coach. Frank Reich was the offensive coordinator for Wentz when he was an MVP candidate in 2017. He and Reich have a great relationship on and off the field. The Colts have a win-now roster, and an above-average Wentz could be what the team needs.

The other team that is looking to acquire Wentz is the Chicago Bears. The team is unsure of Mitchell Trubisky, who is going to be a free agent. Nick Foles didn’t play well last season, making the Bears’ QB situation dire. Wentz also has a coaching connection in Chicago, as John DeFilippo is the team’s passing game coordinator. He was Wentz quarterback coach on the Eagles. The Bears have a great defense but need to re-sign Allen Robinson, so Wentz has a top tier weapon.

According to reports, it looks like the Bears and Colts are the final teams standing in the Carson Wentz sweepstakes. Both teams need a quarterback but won’t reach for one or give up a lot of assets. The Philadelphia Eagles could end up with both teams walking away, with no trade for Wentz if they don’t get their act together.

Teams are growing ‘impatient’ with the Eagles about Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz didn’t play well last season, throwing a league-high 15 interceptions and eventually getting benched for Jalen Hurts. So it makes it difficult to understand why the Eagles have such a high asking price for Wentz. The team is looking for a deal similar to what the Detroit Lions got for Matthew Stafford.

Philly is looking for at least one first-rounder for Wentz. Teams who have been in negotiations with the Eagles don’t think Wentz is worth anything the team is asking for. Some rival NFL front offices see the team as delusional with their demands, some even finding it funny.

“The Eagles asking price, according to one team source, was ridiculous, laughable, and not worth countering.  Until they lower their expectations, based on the uncertainty of the player and contract, their initial price will never be obtained,” said Michael Lombardi.

Teams have stood firm, not giving in to the Eagles’ high asking price. It doesn’t seem the Eagles are budging either, believing Wentz is worth it. Their unwillingness to lower their demands could end up backfiring, as the Bears won’t be waiting around for too much longer.

Chicago is growing impatient with the Eagles’ refusal to lower their price for Carson Wentz, according to One source close to the situation believes that the Eagles “overvalued Wentz”, per The Eagles could end up ruining a trade for Wentz because they have incorrectly analyzed the market value for him.

What is going to happen to Carson Wentz?


Carson Wentz Reportedly Knows the Exact Team He Wants to Ditch the Eagles for in 2021

The Bears are growing impatient, the Colts are staying disciplined with their offer, and the Eagles aren’t moving on their demands. Everything seems to be at a standstill, so what is going to happen with Wentz in Philly? If they can’t get rid of him, the Eagles will have a sticky situation going into 2021.

Wentz made it very clear that he isn’t interested in being a backup to Jalen Hurts. Given all of the drama and Wentz’s performance, Hurts has a realistic shot at being the starter next season. The Eagles have made it known that they will be happy to bring Wentz back to the team. However, they didn’t say he’d be the starter when (or if) he returns.

The best-case scenario for Wentz is the Eagles lower their asking price to get him traded. It doesn’t look like the team really wants him anymore, despite what they have said publicly. He needs a fresh start, and the Eagles need to move on from this sloppy marriage. Having him there next season only keeps the questions and drama circulating.

Things are looking bleak for the Philadelphia Eagles and their attempt at trading Carson Wentz. They are being stubborn and unrealistic, overvaluing Wentz and wanting a haul when he’s not deserving of one. Philly needs to check into reality and find a reasonable deal for Wentz. The drama could continue if they don’t and he is still on the roster come training camp.