The Philadelphia 76ers Need Matisse Thybulle to Be Good Soon

Philadelphia 76ers fans took to social media when the team released its new jersey. Many people had mixed feelings about the new look, which features Boat Row, one of the city’s popular spots. More importantly, though, 76ers fans are talking about the players who’ll wear the new attire. Let’s look at which rookie everyone is looking at and what improvements fans hope to see in the upcoming season.

Matisse Thybulle’s NBA career 

Matisse Thybulle is one name that kept surfacing when it came to 76ers games. He joined the Philadelphia team this past year as a rookie, and many people took note of all the potential that came with his game. Some 76ers fans may still be wondering where his journey first began.

Born in Arizona, Thybulle was a natural when it came to basketball. When he was just in high school ESPN was already giving the young athlete good reviews and ratings. Thybulle played ball at the University of Washington. During his time playing for the Huskies, reports SB Nation, he was named the Naismith Defensive Player of the Year.

The ambitious athlete was also well-known for his impressive stats. While at Washington University, Thybulle managed over 250 steals. In an interview, he was once asked what his secret was. The basketball star explained that a lot of it was his love for the sport.

Thybulle added, “The key is you’ve got to have a great coach, like Coach [Mike] Hopkins, and some great teammates who can have your back. For me, I’m blessed to have the opportunity to go out and take crazy gambles.” Thybulle’s basketball career was clearly off to a good start. In the 2019 NBA draft, Thybulle was the 20th pick for the Philadelphia 76ers, details ESPN.

Thybulle’s entrance into the NBA

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Philadelphia 76ers general manager Elton Brand was adamant about securing Thybulle in the 2019 NBA draft, and the team did just that.  For being a rookie, Thybulle has managed to impress a lot of players and audiences.

One source went as far as to call the basketball star “a walking defensive highlight reel,” according to ESPN. Thybulle also has an incredible reputation for accuracy when it comes to shooting three-pointers. Many NBA fans can probably recall the impressive game he had against Denver. However, it hasn’t been all picture-perfect.

When speaking about joining the team Thybulle had shared, “I’ve had to figure out time and place. It’s been a huge feel thing. A lot of these guys, it’s my first time playing against them. So I didn’t know what to expect. I came in with my college mentality, like, try to steal every pass.” It is obvious that the ambitious athlete is still growing and learning, and many people have high hopes for the future of Thybulle’s game.

The 76ers need Matisse Thybulle to be good soon

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The 76ers are coming off a rocky season but fans and players are all trying to look forward. Since there are a lot of top players with subsequently big contracts, the team does not have a ton of leeway or money when it comes to acquiring new players for the upcoming season.

With that being said, considering that the roster will be almost identical, the team is going to have to work on improvements and the team’s dynamic more than ever. Fans and viewers are counting on Thybulle to come through offensively, details CBS Sports. Thybulle’s skills and game are rooted in defense, but, hopefully, with the help of the Philadelphia 76ers new head coach, Doc Rivers, he will be able to improve his overall game and the team’s success.