The Real Reason the Undertaker May Not Be Done Wrestling

Over the last couple of weeks, The Undertaker has floated around the notion that he may finally step away from the squared circle. He had suggested as much during the final episode of his WWE documentary titled Undertaker: The Last Ride. It has been something that he has toyed with significantly over the last past three years and has moved in the direction toward retirement. However, there is one factor in his situation that could potentially sway him to get back into the ring.

The Undertaker says he’s retired

The entire documentary centered on The Undertaker’s journey toward finding his peace at mind with stepping away from his craft.

However, it turned out to be a much longer journey than expected as he continued to battle mentally, wanting to finish on his terms with a strong final match. It looks to have reached that point after his well-received boneyard match against AJ Styles in WrestleMania 36. Toward the end of the last episode in the documentary, he said he’s ready to retire from his in-ring career.

It’s something that he voiced he’s come to peace with being satisfied with what he’s accomplished in the ring. Much of that involved him no longer having the desire to wrestle as he felt he had nothing left to prove.

What could get The Undertaker back in the ring

It has been a difficult path toward retirement for The Undertaker as he has continued to stay around the business.

The 55-year-old did voice that he felt like he was done wrestling, but there is an intriguing detail to emerge as he stated during an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated that he has a 15-year contract with the WWE.

“That extended contract is obviously not a contract that keeps me in the ring for 15 years,” Taker said. “It keeps the brand at home, and there are a lot of ways that Vince thinks I can contribute to the company after my days in the ring are done.”

The Undertaker didn’t explicitly state that the rest of the deal will be utilized for other things aside from his in-ring contributions. It’s a lengthy deal that will keep him around the company for the long haul well into his 60s to keep his iconic character around the business for years to come.

What it all harps back to is that he has stayed firm with voicing that if Vince McMahon needs him, he will get back into the ring another time.

Will The Undertaker wrestle again?


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The Undertaker has done more than enough to cement his legacy as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

There is nothing left to prove or show that he would further expand his iconic character in WWE lore. He’s well respected in the business and has garnered a tremendous level of admiration from his peers. The 55-year-old has the final say over what he has ahead in his wrestling career, but it’s his loyalty to Vince McMahon that will factor heavily into the equation.

The Undertaker is a staple at WrestleMania, and the potential lure of going out with a match with an audience could get him back into the ring. His match against AJ Styles was tremendous, but as the documentary showed, he has nothing but gratitude toward the fans. That alone could be the deciding factor to get him back in the ring beside a highly-intriguing storyline.

Ultimately, only time will tell what he will do from this point forward.