The San Francisco 49ers Just Avoided a Massive Problem

The San Francisco 49ers took a massive leap forward with a highly impressive 2019 season. That saw the 49ers become one of the best teams in the league and came just a quarter away from securing their sixth Super Bowl win. However, the offseason has seen one issue recently flare up that has caused some concern. San Francisco has moved quickly to amend that situation that could have lingered on into the upcoming campaign.

49ers coming off highly successful 2019 season

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The 49ers entered the 2020 season hoping to make a significant push forward toward Super Bowl contention.

San Francisco did just that by guiding their way toward garnering the best record in the NFC. The team put forth plenty of balance on both sides of the ball led by primarily by their stout defense that was among the top units in the league. It was mainly the guiding force that helped them become the NFL’s last undefeated team last year.

Meanwhile, their offense featured balanced play with Jimmy Garoppolo providing stable play under center while their running game ranked among the best. Their three-headed rushing attack gave them the added fire punch that was essential in lifting them to a Super Bowl appearance. Running back Raheem Mostert contributed an invaluable part of that production.

It shouldn’t be as much of a surprise that Mostert has positioned himself this offseason to get rewarded for his promising performance.

49ers resolve contractual conflict with Raheem Mostert

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The last few weeks around the 49ers have been consumed around Raheem Mostert’s desire to get his contract reworked.

The 28-year-old aired out his desire for a trade, given that he believed he hit a wall in his talks with the franchise. It gave off the vibe that Mostert’s time with the team could be nearing an end due to wanting to be moved.  However, things have taken an encouraging turn with Mostert as he has agreed to a new deal with the franchise as he agent voiced on Monday, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

“Just finalized a new deal for Raheem Mostert with the San Francisco 49ers. Happy we got things worked out and looking forward to him having another great season there. Thanks to the organization for taking care of him,” he wrote.

Although there was some trouble getting a new contract, the 49ers worked their way through the situation. The new deal reportedly doesn’t extend further than the two remaining years. His contract’s added features allow him to make up to $2.75 million in bonuses and incentives. These proved to be enough to shift Mostert entirely away from his trade demands.

It ends a rough stretch between the 49ers and their veteran running back with the ability to move forward with their focus on the 2020 campaign.

49ers’ expectations for 2020 season

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With that entire situation finally handled, the 49ers can shift their attention back toward the upcoming season.

San Francisco is expected to be among the top teams in the league behind their balanced and talented roster. They will face a stiffer challenge in the NFC West with every team in the division by making notable changes. The 49ers will have the targets on their back after reaching the Super Bowl as teams like the New Orleans Saints, Seattle Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers could be their biggest challenges.

Raheem Mostert will continue to play a significant part in their running game as their primary back. The team will also need Jimmy Garoppolo to continue to step up and use the Super Bowl shortcomings as motivation to push forward. The pieces are in place for San Francisco to vie for another Super Bowl run.