The Scandalous Side of Tom Brady’s Trainer and Business Partner, Alex Guerrero

Tom Brady has become something of a self-help guru of the last few years. The surefire Hall of Famer might be heading toward the end of his career, but he’s starting to look elsewhere to keep his brand alive. He enlisted the help of trainer Alex Guerrero, a controversial figure, to help build his brand. However, a look into Guerrero’s past may show that Brady’s trainer isn’t the greatest ambassador for the TB12 Method.

When Tom Brady met Alex Guerrero 

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Brady and Guerrero met through Brady’s former teammate, Willie McGinest, sometime around 2006. Already close with some of Brady’s teammates, the trainer forged a relationship with him that lasts to this day. According to the New York Times, Guerrero’s role has grown into something far more complicated than a mere trainer. 

While Guerrero is known as Brady’s “body coach,” that label significantly understates his exhaustive reach into Brady’s life. Guerrero is his spiritual guide, counselor, pal, nutrition adviser, trainer, massage therapist, and family member. Not only is he the godfather of Brady’s younger son, Ben, but he also accompanies Brady to almost every Patriots game. He works with Brady’s personal chef to put together optimally healthful menus; he plans Brady’s training schedule months in advance.

It’s safe to say that this is not the average trainer-athlete relationship. Guerrero has Brady’s ear. He helps Brady conquer all the obstacles, be they physical or mental, that are thrown in his direction. At face value, this relationship appears to be working out. While Brady has been in the NFL, he only missed significant time once during his entire career. 

That, alone, is amazing. However, with one look at Guerrero’s past, one can only assume that Guerrero was along for the ride more than he guided hit. He’s been involved in several controversies that have likened him to a snake oil salesman. 

Guerrero’s darker side

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Guerrero invokes a lifestyle that doesn’t involve weightlifting and a standard diet, details Boston Magazine. He sees wellness as an overall commitment to making every aspect of one’s life a healthy reflection of themselves. This explains the expanding role that goes beyond Brady’s training schedule and makes him seem as though he is a glorified family member. 

Guerrero’s methods, however, are not always laudable. People who stayed up with the television on in the early ’00s might remember Guerrero for his Supreme Greens infomercials. The spots often aired in the form of a fake talk show in the wee hours of the morning. In them, Guerrero made outlandish claims about how his products and methodology cured everything from common ailments to cancer. 

Guerrero came under fire for claiming himself to be a doctor without actually being one. In short, Guerrero was accused of selling people on what they wanted to hear instead of reality. He’s become a controversial example of the dangers that come with entrusting someone without any expertise. However, in Brady’s case, the quarterback maintains that Guerrero is a key to his longevity, and he’s never fully separated himself despite a growing list of problems. 

Has Brady disavowed him?

Tom Brady with trainer Alex Guerrero
Tom Brady of the Patriots celebrates with trainer Alex Guerrero | Elsa/Getty Images

One might expect a high-profile athlete to disavow connections to such a person, but the six-time champion has done the option. When Brady recently packed his bags and moved to Tampa Bay, Guerrero didn’t just go with him. He expanded his business with the Buccaneers. He reportedly has a grip on not only Brady but several members of his locker room.

Whether this is a case of someone whose ideas work for some but not for all, or a long grift that will eventually bite him, Brady remains steadfast in his support of Alex Guerrero. However, if Guerrero keeps on finding himself in hotter water, the quarterback may be smart to cut all ties with him and move on to someone else.