The Seahawks Just Dodged a Huge Injury Bullet

It has been nothing short of an impressive start to the 2020 season for the Seattle Seahawks. Much of which has come on the shoulders of star quarterback Russell Wilson’s stellar performance through the first three games. However, the team experienced a bump in the road with the injury bug, but just avoided a disappointing situation.

Seahawks move to a 3-0 record

It has been nothing short of an impressive start to the 2020 season for the Seahawks.

Seattle has moved comfortably through the first three games boasting an undefeated record primarily behind Russell Wilson’s impressive performance. Wilson has taken his game to the next level as he’s playing like the clear-cut favorite to secure the 2020 regular season MVP award. His strong outing against the Cowboys on Sunday helped him become the first player to tally at least four touchdown passes in each of the first three games of a regular season.

His 14 total touchdown passes over that stretch have topped the previous mark set by reigning Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes. Wilson has been the driving force that has guided the Seahawks to tremendous success. However, the Week 3 win didn’t see them come out entirely unscathed as the injury bug struck them to a key contributor.

Chris Carson expected to return soon from his knee injury

The Seahawks have continued their hot start to the 2020 campaign, which has further boosted the Super Bowl hopes around the franchise.

The team took a bit of a ding with running back Chris Carson suffering a concerning leg injury after a dirty tackle by Cowboys defensive tackle Trysten Hill. Beyond the Seahawks’ outrage regarding Hill’s tackle, the franchise did receive promising news that Carson only suffered a minor knee sprain that could see him suit up for Week 4 action, according to Tom Pelissero of The NFL Network.

It could have easily turned into a situation resulting in a much more significant injury. Hill’s tackle saw him twist Carson’s knee in an alligator motion after he was down from contact. The angle his leg twisted gave the appearance that it could have been an ACL tear or worse.

The fact that he will miss only a week or two is a definite encouraging sign for the Seahawks moving forward.

Seahawks’ gameplan without Chris Carson


Russell Wilson Just Cemented Himself Alone In NFL History

The Seahawks feel much better about Chris Carson’s knee injury as it keeps one of their primary factors in the fold for the rest of the season.

Carson has developed into a considerable asset in running the ball with back-to-back 1,000 rushing yard campaigns. He has been a dynamic factor that has helped provide tremendous stability to the Seahawks offense. His potential absence places more pressure on Russell Wilson to carry the offense.

Wilson has excelled with that increased responsibility this season as he’s put forth a historic start. Meanwhile, there doesn’t appear to be a substantial reliance on the running game leading the charge.

If Carson is to miss any time, the Seahawks will lean on Carlos Hyde to head their running game. The team has also filtered in Travis Homer into the equation while the coaching staff has spoken quite highly of rookie DeeJay Dallas.

Seattle should be fine without Carson for the time being as Wilson has performed exceptionally well as the driving offensive factor. It’s a situation to keep an eye on certainly, but the team will likely take the precautionary approach to work the veteran running back into the fold.