The Seattle Seahawks Just Got a $4 Million Ticket to the NFC Championship Game

The Seattle Seahawks had a pretty good season in 2019. They also have a pretty good chance to be good again in 2020. In fact, the team just recently made a massive move that could help them tremendously next season. The move could ultimately help Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks get to the NFC Championship Game.

The Seattle Seahawks were pretty good in 2019

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During the 2019 NFL season, the Seattle Seahawks were a pretty good football team. They ultimately went 11-5, finishing second in the NFC West and reaching the playoffs. Once they got to the playoffs, the Seahawks defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in the Wild Card round 17-9, and then fell short of reaching the NFC Championship Game as they lost to the Green Bay Packers 28-23 in the Divisional Round.

Of course, Russell Wilson led the team offensively last season as he threw for 4,110 yards, 31 touchdowns, and five interceptions. Tyler Lockett then led the team in receiving with 1,057 receiving yards, and D.K. Metcalf was a great young talent for the team as he racked up 900 receiving yards on 58 catches. 

Rushing wise, Chris Carson had a great season for the Seahawks as he ran for 1,230 yards and seven touchdowns in 15 games. However, Carson got injured in Week 16 against the Arizona Cardinals and missed the rest of the season, including the playoffs. The team essentially had no running game after that, and Wilson was relied on a lot more. 

Well, now the Seahawks have some depth in the backfield for next season. 

Signing Carlos Hyde

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The Seattle Seahawks just upgraded their backfield in a big way as they recently signed Carlos Hyde to a one-year deal worth up to $4 million, according to’s Ian Rapoport.

This is an excellent signing for the Seahawks. Hyde had a great season for the Houston Texans last season. After just running for 571 yards in 14 games for the Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars in 2018, Hyde was outstanding in 2019. He ran for 1,070 yards and six touchdowns on 245 carries, good for 4.4 yards per attempt. The season was the best of his career as he ran for 988 yards with the San Francisco 49ers in 2016 and 938 yards for the 49ers in 2017.

This signing could ultimately result in the Seattle Seahawks going to the NFC Championship Game in 2020. 

Hyde can send the Seattle Seahawks to the NFC Championship Game

The Seattle Seahawks were really good in 2019, but could not reach the NFC Championship Game. One move just helped them tremendously, though.
Head coach Pete Carroll (from left) and Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks celebrate after a 28-22 victory during the 2015 NFC Championship game. | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

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What potentially kept the Seattle Seahawks from getting to the NFC Championship Game in 2019 was the lack of a run game after Carson went down.

In the Wild Card game against the Eagles, Russell Wilson was the Seahawks’ leading rusher with 45 yards. The guy with the second-most rushing yards was Travis Homer with 12 yards on 11 attempts. Then in the Divisional Round loss to the Green Bay Packers, Wilson was the team’s leading rusher again with 64 yards. Marshawn Lynch had the second-most with 26 yards.

Did the Seahawks not having an effective running back keep them from beating the Packers and getting to the NFC Championship Game? Yes, I think that was a big reason they lost to the Packers. The Packers’ defense just had to focus on Russell Wilson and the passing game. The Seahawks’ offense was very one-dimensional. Having a good running back could have kept the defense guessing. That could have ultimately resulted in more points, and a win.

Just one good running back could have gotten them to the NFC Championship Game. Now, there is a chance that they could have two good running backs if Chris Carson and Carlos Hyde both stay healthy in 2020. They could ultimately be one of the best one-two punches in the NFL, other than maybe Mark Ingram and J.K. Dobbins, Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, and Marlon Mack and Jonathan Taylor. The duo makes the Seahawks’ offense very dangerous, and makes the team a Super Bowl contender.

The Seattle Seahawks were really good in 2019. Now, if they stay healthy, the Seahawks could reach the NFC Championship Game in 2020. Getting past the San Francisco 49ers to get to the Super Bowl, though, could prove to be pretty difficult.

Stats courtesy of Pro Football Reference