The Steelers and Cowboys Maintain This 1 Frustrating Super Bowl Record

Two of the NFL’s all-time greatest franchises are the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The two have regularly appeared in the Super Bowl, though it’s been almost 30 years since Dallas has been in one. The teams have also combined for one interesting Super Bowl record, too.

The Super Bowl record the Cowboys and Steelers share

Linebacker Donta Jones of the Pittsburgh Steelers celebrates after a fumble recovery during game against the Dallas Cowboys at Super Bowl XXX
Steelers linebacker Donta Jones celebrates against the Cowboys at Super Bowl XXX | Mike Powell/Getty Images

The Cowboys and Steelers have both qualified for eight Super Bowls individually. Pittsburgh has won six and lost two while Dallas has won five and lost three. These teams share the record for being the most common matchup in Super Bowl history. They’ve played each other three times. 

Some other common Super Bowl matchups include: 

  • Patriots vs. Rams: These two teams have played twice — once in 2002 when the Rams were in St. Louis and again last season when they were in LA.
  • Patriots vs. Giants: When you play in as many Super Bowls as the Patriots, you’re bound to have a few repeats. The Giants are the only team to face the Patriots twice and win both times. 
  • Patriots vs. Eagles: The Patriots and Eagles are 1-1 against each other in Super Bowls. The first one was during Philadelphia’s Donovan McNabb era; the second saw backup Nick Foles defeat New England. 

How the Steelers and Cowboys have fared against each other in the Super Bowl 

Pittsburgh and Dallas have faced off three times in Super Bowl history. For two teams that have played in eight Super Bowls apiece, this isn’t too strange. Both teams were at the apex of the NFL in the ’70s. They were bound to cross each other’s postseason paths. Here’s a brief recap of how those games ended up: 

  • Super Bowl XXX: Cowboys 21, Steelers 17
  • Super Bowl XIII: Pittsburgh 35, Dallas 31 
  • Super Bowl X: Pittsburgh 21, Dallas 17.

The Steelers have a 2-1 record against the Cowboys in Super Bowl play. Pittsburgh’s two victories came at the height of their team’s prominence with quarterback Terry Bradshaw. The Cowboys’ win came in the ’90s when Dallas became the team of that decade — three championships in four years. Both teams’ overall record in other Super Bowls is 4-1. 

Fans in Pittsburgh and Dallas may be accustomed to winning, but that doesn’t mean they’re successful now. What can both franchises anticipate when considering future Super Bowl appearances against each other? 

What the Cowboys and Steelers need match up in the Super Bowl again

The Steelers and Cowboys are in a similar place right now. Both franchises are historically great. Both are among the league’s elite when it comes to the big game. They both missed the playoffs last season, however.

Pittsburgh had a nightmare year. After losing Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell, Ben Roethlisberger got hurt early in the season. The team clawed its way back to respectability but sputtered in December to fall out of playoff contention. The Cowboys started off strong but failed to capitalize on a weak NFC East down the stretch. 

To get back to the Super Bowl, both teams must stabilize their quarterback situation. For Pittsburgh, Roethlisberger is starting to get up there in years. The Cowboys just hired a new coach in Mike McCarthy, and Dak Prescott is a free agent. They’ll need to sign him to a long-term extension. 

In all likelihood, it will probably be some time before these teams play each other in the Super Bowl again. But if history is any guide, it will occur again at some point.

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