The Story of Brett Favre, Mike Holmgren, and a Controversial Flatulence Machine

Brett Favre, the puckish rogue he was, could get along with — and troll — anyone, even Green Bay Packers head coach Mike Holmgren.

When he wasn’t throwing touchdowns, Favre was a notorious prankster. Nobody, whether they were teammates or coaches on the Green Bay Packers, was safe.

One of Favre’s greatest pranks involved himself, Holmgren, and a flatulence machine. 

Brett Favre is a Green Bay Packers legend

Considering Brett Favre retired with several passing records, he may just be one of the most underrated quarterbacks in league history. 

Throwing an NFL-record 336 interceptions in 20 seasons doesn’t help matters, but Favre did enough to retire as one of the most iconic passers in league history. 

Favre completed 62% of his passes for 71,838 yards and 508 touchdowns in a career that netted him a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. A dangerous gunslinger, Favre led the league in passing yards twice and touchdowns on four occasions. 

Favre won 13 of his 11 playoff starts and led the Packers to a Super Bowl title after the 1996 season. A three-time MVP, Favre earned 11 Pro Bowl nods and three selections to the All-Pro first-team.

Favre pranked everyone, even head coach Mike Holmgren

Brett Favre may have been stern-faced and no-nonsense on the field, but he resembled a different man entirely away from the gridiron.

Favre pranked everyone from teammates to coaches alike, from freezing teammates’ car doors shut to hazing others in the locker room. Favre eventually earned the “shower bandit nickname.”

Coaches weren’t safe, especially when Mike Holmgren led the Packers from 1992-98. Favre once even detonated a stink bomb in the Packers’ team facility.

Favre pranked Holmgren, Packers with a flatulence machine


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Brett Favre had the utmost respect for Mike Holmgren, even after the latter left Green Bay for Seattle in 1998. Holmgren even called Favre the son he never had.

Like any good relationship, there were plenty of ups and downs. Some came from how hard Holmgren admittedly was on his quarterback, and some came from Favre’s love of pranks.

In a 2015 interview with The MMQB’s Peter King, Favre told a story involving himself, Holmgren, and a flatulence device.

Fabre said he placed a “remote-control fart machine” under longtime Packers public relations head Lee Remmel, who sat behind Holmgren on the Packers’ team bus.

Favre, who sat near the back of the bus, used the machine to prank Remmel and Holmgren on the trip to Soldier Field in Chicago. Holmgren, according to King, “steamed” and wasn’t sure if the noises came from Remmel or a machine.

“What was great about the fart machine,” Favre said, “was it had four different kinds of farts. They weren’t all the same.”

In the end, Holmgren and the Packers accepted Favre for who he was: a prankster who also had a terrific arm and desire to win by any means necessary.

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