The Undertaker Believes Brock Lesnar Wasn’t the Right Choice to End His WrestleMania Streak

One of the most vaunted feats in all wrestling for many years was The Undertaker‘s undefeated record at WrestleMania. It was one part of his legacy that helped prop him up as a crowd favorite with an increased prestige around him. However, that saw his perfect mark at the grandest stage end at WrestleMania 30 when Brock Lesnar stunned many by toppling The Undertaker for the first time in that WWE event. In hindsight, the 55-year-old has voiced that he doesn’t believe that Lesnar was the right choice for that honor.

Brock Lesnar snaps The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak

The Undertaker had entered WrestleMania 30 with an unblemished record winning his first 21 matches at that event.

It was one of the most prestigious records that added another layer to the excitement around WrestleMania each year. The belief was strong that The Undertaker was unbeatable on that stage that he had further carved out his legacy.

However, things changed in 2015 with Brock Lesnar competing in an intense match against him. It was a back-and-forth bout that saw Lesnar pull out the win in surprising fashion over The Undertaker. That left many shocked that they finally decided to head that route with one of the legendary feats in WWE history.

The Undertaker believes Brock Lesnar didn’t need to beat him at WrestleMania

In the years that have passed since the Undertakers’ first loss at WrestleMania, there has been lingering pushback on Vince McMahon deciding to head that route.

The 55-year-old lost another time on that stage to Roman Reigns back in 2018, but the first defeat has had its fair share of criticism. During a recent interview with Brian Campbell of CBS Sports, The Undertaker voiced that he didn’t believe that Brock Lesnar was the right opponent to hand him his first WrestleMania loss because he didn’t feel he needed it.

“Obviously, in Vince’s mindset, if it’s not Brock, then who? My biggest concern was I just wanted to make sure that [McMahon] was sure and that’s what he wanted to do. I didn’t feel like Brock needed it. Brock was already a huge star, and it wasn’t going to help him one way or another. My only concern was there might have been someone down the line that could have benefited from it more and that probably would’ve been Roman later on.

“That’s with hindsight being 20/20. But if I was going to get beat by someone, Brock was a guy who had the credentials, I think, to do it and people would be like, ‘Um, OK, s–t, that’s Brock Lesnar.’ That was my biggest deal. I just wanted to make sure that’s really what [McMahon] had wanted to do.”

That isn’t a shot at Lesnar by any means, but just further underlining that he was already over with the fans. He had firmly established himself as one of the all-time greats in the business. The magnitude of the win would have propelled another wrestler to greater heights.

Lesnar already held his place as a dominant force in the WWE for years, and the monumental win didn’t more than what it could have done for another wrestler.

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That begs the question about which wrestler would have been deemed the right one to hand the Undertaker his first loss.

Many names, such as John Cena, Kane, Randy Orton, and Triple H, immediately come to mind. Although it was a few years later, the WWE had propped up Roman Reigns as the next face of the business.

The WWE could have used that honor in how they attempted to do so with Reigns beating the Undertaker two years ago. It could have been deemed as a right of passage to help propel forward the next superstar that the WWE wanted to ride behind. There are many different ways it could have gone, but the WrestleMania loss to Brock Lesnar is held as an unforgettable moment.