The Warriors Circle Stephen Curry’s Expected Return Date

Over the last couple of months, Golden State Warriors star point guard Stephen Curry has been sidelined due to a fractured wrist. There has been much uncertainty around whether Curry will return this season, given the state of the team falling well out of the playoff picture. However, it appears that Curry does have plans to retake the floor this year as the Warriors have reportedly pinpointed one a target date.

Stephen Curry’s recovery

Throughout his career, Curry has had his fair share of injuries that have primarily stemmed from ankle issues over the years.

It’s a bit different this time around as he’s working his way back from a fractured wrist that has allowed him to play just four games this season. Curry has spent the last two months steadily progressing through the rehab process that has seen him get back on the practice court as he’s no longer wearing a brace and is participating in shooting drills.

The Warriors have moved quite cautiously with their star point guard, given his lengthy injury history. The team has strayed away from publicly giving a timeframe for Curry’s return despite him appearing to be inching towards being ready to play again this season.

It now appears that Golden State could have a target date in mind for the two-time league MVP to be back in the mix.

Stephen Curry’s target return date

There has been lingering chatter that Curry could miss the rest of the season due to how things have unfolded for the Warriors.

However, that chatter has been quickly put to bed with Marcus Thompson II of the Athletic, stating that the star guard is in line to make his return to the floor on March 1 against the Washington Wizards.

The question is not if Stephen Curry is coming back this season, but when. And, from what I’ve been told, you might want to clear your schedule for March 1. The Warriors host the Washington Wizards that night.

That would put Curry out for just over four months, which falls within the timeframe that was initially given for the injury. That further clarifies that there is a strong desire to have him back in the mix despite the team’s massive struggles this season.

The Warriors’ lone desire, as Thompson II points out in his piece, would be seeing whether the pairing of Curry and D’Angelo Russell is something worth keeping for the long haul. That is if the team decides to retain him past the trade deadline next month. There is also a chance that it could hurt their chances of securing a top-five 2020 draft pick, but this situation outweighs that.

Russell’s name has been mentioned in trade rumors over the last few weeks, but Golden State may elect to keep ahold of him until they can get a better idea if he can play effectively alongside Curry.

Warriors’ vision lies beyond the 2019-20 season

The 2019-20 season has been nothing short of a disappointment for the Warriors as they have been marred by injuries. It was expected that Klay Thompson would miss potentially the entire year, but Curry’s injury has pushed them further south.

Golden State wasn’t pegged as a title contender this year, but the injuries have pushed any hope of that out of the window. Their roster will likely undergo some major changes next offseason that could see them rebuild around their core group.

The front office will look to add more talent off the bench while potentially dangle Russell for a trade to acquire additional talent to the mix. It may be a lost season for the Warriors, but the future is undoubtedly bright well beyond it.