There’s a Heisman Candidate on Clemson Not Named Trevor Lawrence

Travis Etienne is used to getting the star treatment. Watching him play high school ball was one of the fall highlights for the residents of the small Louisiana town he grew up in. Everyone expected him to use football to do great things with his life. The people who knew and supported him during his high school years are so proud to know that the Clemson student and football star is also currently a Heisman candidate.

The Clemson team is jam-packed with talent this year. Trevor Lawrence, in particular, is drawing a great deal of attention. However, some suspect that Etienne is the guy most likely bring home the Heisman Trophy for Clemson.

Travis Etienne is consistently spectacular on the field

During his time at Clemson, Etienne has proven himself to be a consistent player. No matter what’s going down, he gives it is all. Plus, he’s turned in some truly impressive plays.

Last year there was talk about Etienne being the Clemson player who was likely to earn the Heisman, and based on the season so far, he still has a good shot at it. During the 2018 season, when Clemson took the field against Wake Forest, Etienne was responsible for gaining 167 yards after rushing just 10 times. By the end of the game, he’d scored three touchdowns, which helped Clemson with their 63-3 triumph.

Etienne looks just as good during the 2019 season as he did during 2018. When Clemson took the field against Georgia tech, they emerged from the game with a 52-14 win.

Etienne played a huge role in that successful game. During the game, Etienne not only scored three touchdowns, but he also carried the ball twelve times, netting a total of 205 yards.

One of those runs was for 90-yards which happened to tie the Clemson record for most yards on a single run. When questioned about how excited he was to have made a 90-yard run, Etienne simply stated that he’d had similar runs while playing for his high school team. 

The Heisman competition within Clemson

Clemons has a really deep pool of talent this year, so deep that Etienne isn’t the only one on the team who is in hoping for the Heisman Trophy. His teammate, Trevor Lawrence, is also a solid candidate for the trophy.

Going into the season, many assumed that Lawrence was the better shot for winning the trophy. Now fans and critics aren’t quite so sure. While Lawrence is a great player, he’s not looking quite as good on the field this year. His passing game is practically flawless, but his running game … well, let’s just say that he’s lucky he has Etienne on his team to pick up the slack for him.

At this point, Odds Sharks feels that Lawrence is the seventh most likely college ball player most likely to take home the Heisman and that Etienne is the thirteenth most likely.  

Why it would be so cool if Travis Etienne won the Heisman Trophy

It would be great if Etienne was awarded the Heisman Trophy because he is a genuinely nice guy. He has a reputation for being a laid-back athlete who isn’t comfortable with all the attention the press gives him, something you rarely find in college football players.

A recent return to his hometown showed that not only has he not forgotten where he came from but continues to support the same sports program that helped launch his career at Clemson. He still even seeks out his mother following his college games. It would be nice if just this once, to see a nice guy come out on top.