These Are the Cheapest NFL Tickets You Can Get in 2019

As the most popular sport in America, NFL tickets can be hard to find at an affordable price. TicketIQ researched 2019 NFL ticket values. If you want to see a pro football game, it’s worth checking out the cheapest NFL tickets of the 2019 season.

The NFL’s secondary ticket market

NFL ticket prices vary greatly depending on the team and market. Here’s what TicketIQ found regarding the most expensive average NFL tickets:

  • New England Patriots: $777
  • Chicago Bears: $510
  • Seattle Seahawks: $361
  • Denver Broncos: $321
  • Philadelphia Eagles: $317
  • Dallas Cowboys: $302
  • Green Bay Packers: $302
  • Los Angeles Chargers: $292
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: $275
  • New Orleans Saints: $273

All of these teams have three things in common:

  1. Large markets
  2. Successful franchises that have seen recent success or are historically competitive.
  3. Incredibly passionate fanbases

Ticket prices typically vary over time based on a team’s competitiveness. If a team isn’t contending, costs will drop. Prices also vary based on the team’s market size and fanbase. For example, a team like the Chicago Bears won’t likely see prices drop too far, even during lean years. 

The teams with the largest ticket increases from 2018 to 2019 include:

  • Cleveland Browns: 141.8%
  • New England Patriots: 43.8%
  • Kansas City Chiefs: 45.5%
  • Baltimore Ravens: 25.7%
  • Los Angeles Chargers: 25.3%

This list makes sense. The Browns and Chiefs both pulled off significant turnarounds last year. (The Chiefs got to the AFC title game, the Browns won seven games.) 

While tickets may never fall below a certain price threshold, you’ll always be able to find the cheapest tickets on the secondary market. Even if you don’t save much, they’ll always be less expensive than purchasing them at face value directly from the team.

Teams with cheapest tickets

Teams in smaller markets with fewer wins tend to have the cheapest NFL tickets. For example, the teams who saw the biggest ticket price decreases from 2018 to 2019 include: 

  • Atlanta Falcons: -13.9%
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: -16.7%
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: -17.6%
  • Miami Dolphins: -19.2%
  • Washington Redskins: -21.2%

None of these teams made the playoffs last year, and the lack of on-field success reflected at the box office. Similarly, five teams had the least expensive ticket averages on the secondary market:

  • Arizona Cardinals: $111
  • Indianapolis Colts: $105
  • Buffalo Bills: $102
  • Cincinnati Bengals: $99
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: $98

How to find the cheapest NFL tickets

The bottom line: NFL tickets aren’t cheap no matter your location or team of choice. However, there are a few ways to find the absolute cheapest tickets:

  • Purchase tickets through the secondary market. Numerous websites and apps can assist with this, giving you the ability to price match.
  • Target a team that wasn’t as competitive last season and buy tickets before the season starts. If the team sees success, prices may shoot up on the secondary market. 
  • Buy tickets to see a team in a smaller market. There are exceptions. For example, Green Bay is the NFL’s smallest market but has notoriously hard-to-get tickets because of its passionate fans.

When it comes to buying NFL tickets, do your due diligence by researching online to find the best bargain.