These NFL Coaches’ Huge Contracts Have Them Set for Life

Being a head coach in the NFL comes with a lot of responsibility. It also comes with a lot of money, if you’re good. While coaches can make a lot on average per year, many of them get multi-year contracts that number in the tens of millions of dollars. 

Taking a look at the contract totals for the NFL’s head coaches, here are the top six highest contract amounts that have these coaches set for life. 

6. John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens – $28 million 

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John Harbaugh’s 2013 Super Bowl title seems as if it was ages ago. The Ravens have been through multiple changes in that time. Harbaugh has overseen the transition from Joe Flacco to Lamar Jackson at quarterback.

After several years of mediocrity, it appears as though he has the team back in contention. Harbaugh’s deal expires in 2023, so he has a few seasons of security while Jackson develops. 

5. Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys – $30 million 

Jason Garrett is in the last year of a $30 million contract that pays him $6 million per year. In the era of teams expecting quick results from NFL coaches. Teams have a quick-to-fire trigger finger, that makes Garrett an anomaly.

He’s survived nearly a decade without any type of real playoff success. He seems to have the loyalty of Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones despite not leading the team past the divisional round and underachieving almost every year. With Garrett’s contract up after this season, he’ll likely need a deep playoff run to garner a new contract. 

4. Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks – $35 million 

Pete Carroll’s contract runs through next season. While the Seahawks have been perennial playoff contenders during Carroll’s run, he’s currently 68 years old. On one hand, this may be the end of the road for him in Seattle if he opts for retirement. On the other hand, Carroll seems as energetic as ever on the sideline.

Either way, the Seahawks haven’t had a more successful head coach in their history, and his big contract seems well earned. 

3. Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs – $37.5 million

Say what you want about Andy Reid as an NFL coach, but he turns teams into championship contenders. The Chiefs knocked on the door last season and were looking to do the same prior to Patrick Mahomes’ injury this year.

Reid is signed through 2023, and it would be shocking if the team didn’t give him an extension before then. Reid and Mahomes together made magic last season and will only get better as the quarterback gains experience. 

2. Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints – $45 million 

Sean Payton brought a Super Bowl championship to New Orleans and saw the team and community through the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Payton’s gotten the Saints close to the championship a few times — last year a botched pass interference call kept them out.

With Drew Brees looking as good as ever and the team continuing to look solid offensively, the team is likely to at least see Payton through to the deal’s conclusion in 2023. 

1. Jon Gruden, Oakland Raiders – $100 million 

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It’s no secret that Jon Gruden was a favorite of the late former Raiders’ owner Al Davis. So it was no surprise when the Raiders tapped their former coach to lead the team. What was a bit surprising was the 10 year, $100 million dollar contract they gave him. It became the highest contract total for a coach in the NFL. 

In Gruden’s season and a half since returning, the Raiders have underperformed. With a Vegas move looming next year, it wouldn’t be shocking to see Gruden jettison incumbent Derek Carr for his own hand-picked quarterback. If the Raiders don’t start turning it around soon, that big deal may look worse and worse every season.