These Stingy Athletes Leave Notoriously Bad Tips

You would think that superstar athletes would be great tippers. Since they make millions a year, they should be able to leave generous tips for their hard-working servers. However, some of the richest and most famous athletes are notoriously bad tippers. Here are four of the richest athletes who leave the smallest tips, according to TheSportster.

Floyd Mayweather 

Floyd Mayweather loves to flaunt his wealth. He is estimated to be worth $340 million and loves to post photos with expensive jewelry and millions of dollars of money.

Even though he has tons of money, he doesn’t like to spend it. Back in 2014, Mayweather defeated fighter Marcos Maidana to win a $32 million purse. Afterward, he and his 150-person entourage went to the nearby Hard Rock Cafe to celebrate.

Mayweather and his crew racked up a bill over $25,000. When it was over, Mayfield left without paying a dime. The Hard Rock Cafe comped the bill, and Mayfield didn’t leave a cent for any of the servers. 

In an effort to keep Mayfield coming back, the Hard Rock Cafe said reporters “there is no merit to this story.” It seems like Mayfield would rather take photos of his money than give it to hard-working waitresses.

LeSean McCoy 

It’s one thing to leave no tip for a server, but leaving pennies might be more insulting. In one case, Kansas City Chiefs running back LeSean McCoy left a $0.20 tip on a $61.56 bill from a restaurant.

The restaurant was so upset with McCoy that they publicly shared the bill. McCoy argued the service was awful while the restaurant claimed that McCoy and his friends were terrible customers. Ironically, the bill was eventually sold on eBay for tens of thousands of dollars.    

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is worth an estimated $800 million. Yet he is known to be one of the cheapest tippers around. Former reporter Rick Reilly once stated, “you need a court order to get Tiger’s wallet open.”

Woods has addressed his poor tipping, saying he doesn’t carry cash. The stories have gotten so bad, that Sean Foley, Woods’ former coach, told critics to focus on his charitable giving instead of making up stories about poor tipping. Foley also told stories of how he has seen Woods tip generously.

One of Woods’ most notorious examples of his cheapness comes from Vegas. Woods was playing at a $100,000 a hand blackjack table. Woods tipped one waitress five dollars, then took it back when he realized he had tipped her earlier in the evening. For a celebrity who received tons of bad press for his cheating scandals, these stories hurt his attempts to rehabilitate his image. 

LeBron James 

LeBron James has made millions from salary, endorsement, and savvy investments with Beats by Dre and Blaze Pizza. He has also received tons of press for his charitable giving. However, James’ charity doesn’t often extend to servers.

In 2008, James went to an expensive steakhouse, kept the waitstaff at the business until 4 a.m. in the morning, and racked up an $800 bill. For all their efforts, James left the servers with a $10 bill.

While James said this was a mistake, it seems like he makes this “mistake” all the time. One server who regularly served James avoided the problem by always adding gratuity to the check. One time, James tried to get out paying that gratuity by saying that he wasn’t with the people included on the bill.

James’ poor tipping is part of a trend of him being cheap in certain ways. James won’t pay for data roaming on his phone or pay for commercial-free Pandora. Despite making tons of money, James still tries to save money wherever he can.