This Former MLB Pitcher Threw a Perfect Game Hungover

Not too many MLB pitchers can say that they have thrown a perfect game. There have only been 23 official perfect games in the majors. When a pitcher throws a perfect game, it’s recognized worldwide because it’s something that does not happen too often.

David Wells, a former MLB pitcher, threw a perfect game with the New York Yankees and get this, he did it while he was hungover.

An overview of David Wells pitching career

Wells had a successful career as a pitcher in the major leagues. He finished his career with a 239-157 record, 4.13 ERA, and 2,201 strikeouts. Wells made three all-star teams and is a two-time World Series champion. He won his second World Series title with the Yankees, and he was named the ALCS MVP during the playoffs.

Wells began his career in 1987 with the Toronto Blue Jays. In his final season with the team, he won his first World Series title. He pitched until he was 44-years-old and continued to have success late in his career. Wells had nine seasons where we won 15 games or more, and in 2000, he led the American League in wins with 20. For a pitcher to pitch in the majors for as long as Wells did and continue to have success, shows how much hard work he put in and how talented he was.

David Wells 1998 season

The 1998 season was arguably Wells’ best season as a pitcher. He finished the season with an 18-4 record with a 3.49 ERA. Wells finished third in the American League Cy Young voting that year. Just looking at that season he had, you could not have asked for a better one.

Not only was he having individual success, but he was playing on one of the best teams in the league. The Yankees won a total of 114 regular-season games. On May 17, 1998, Wells put his name in the history books with the performance that he had. The Minnesota Twins had no answer for Wells as he was spot on from the first pitch until the last pitch. The impressive thing about Wells throwing that perfect game is he did it while he was hungover.

David Wells throwing a perfect game while having a hangover

In Wells’ autobiography, he talked about his condition when he was on the mound during that game. These are some of the words he used to describe how he was feeling, “half-drunk with bloodshot eyes, monster breath, and a skull-rattling hangover.” Apparently, before the game, Wells only got one hour of sleep.

He attended a Saturday Night Live cast party and was out until 5:30 a.m. Wells knew that he had a game and that he was going to be the starting pitcher. But, he wanted to have himself a good time the night before. Staying out late did not seem to affect Wells as he went out there and pitched the game of his life, while drunk. 

Every pitch was working for the left-hander. He was spot on with his fastball, and his curveball kept the hitters off-balance. Wells might have one of the best perfect game performances in the history of the MLB simply because he was hungover. For him to still go out there, knowing he was not in the best condition and dominate shows how tough he was.