This Is the Most Stylish Player in the NBA According to GQ

The walk from the bus to the locker room has become a catwalk for many NBA players. Some choose to keep their gameday uniforms low-key and business casual, while others use the opportunity to shine. From the league’s superstars to the role players, several NBA players consider themselves fashion icons as they strut their way to the next game.

The birth of fashion in the NBA

The NBA once let players wear anything to the game, but after the implementation of a dress code that many players deemed to be racially motivated, the fashion side of the NBA began to suffer. Gone were flashy uniforms, and in were suits, ties, and other relatively boring outfits. While some players took the time to strut their fashion back then, it would take a while before players did so with the flash that they have now.

From interesting suits to far-out clothing concoctions, players have found a way to skirt the dress code and still express themselves with their look. LeBron James, Russell Westbrook, and several other players get particular attention to the threads they wear, but they are not the most fashionable according to GQ. Instead, one of the younger players got his time to shine in the fashion spotlight. 

The GQ most fashionable NBA players list

GQ made a list of the players who were most stylish in the NBA. To accomplish the list, they set up a bracket-system, not unlike March Madness. There, we saw 16 players with different takes on fashion, and they pit the players against each other. From seasoned vets to younger players, some of the usual suspects appeared on the list while other dark horse made Cinderella runs into the final rounds of competition. 

These Players are the Final Four of Fashion

Honorable Mention: Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade made it into the Final Four, but as a retired player, he is not eligible for the list of the NBA’s most stylish. His nickname, Flash, did not just describe his relentless play. It described his style.

His undersized suits grew both admiration and the occasional chuckle, and as he and LeBron made headlines as teammates with the Heat, their fashion began to take on a life of its own. To the very end of his career, Wade remained one of the most fashionable players in the league. 

4. Kyrie Irving

Although Irving makes it into the top four thanks to Wade’s retirement, he earns his place with a less-is-more style on most nights. Irving has shown a penchant for sweatshirts in his rise as one of the league’s most fashionable players, but his occasional experiments with trenchcoats and other out-of-left-field choices made him as unique as his personality. In the metropolitan haven of New York, his fashion may get even better. 

3. Kelly Oubre Jr.

Kelly Oubre’s pregame looks typically involve a sweatshirt and jacket, high-top socks, skinny pants, and some sort of t-shirt and undershirt. Although he may not be a star in the same breath as many of these other players, his style is always unique and heavily coordinated. Everything from the shirts to the shoes is put on to match his overall aesthetic, and he even has matching accessories on occasion. 

2. LeBron James

LeBron likes to mix it up when it comes to his fashion. One night, he may be adorned in a finely tailored suit. Depending on when it is, his team may be wearing matching suits, as well.

LeBron does not fit into one category, however. From bleached jeans and striped shirts to sweaters and white slacks, LeBron’s fashion legacy is as eclectic as his basketball toolbelt. This was enough to give him the title in 2018, but somebody outdid him this year. 

1. D’Angelo Russell

Sunglasses, Yankees jerseys, khaki suits, and hoodie-sports coat combos are just some of the looks that D’Angelo Russell has sported heading into an arena. While LeBron James has an eclectic style of his own, he has not reached the lengths that Russell has as he entered the arena.

Every outfit tells a story of what Russell’s fashionable interests are, and everything from head-to-toe is meant to give an overall image. That is why he’s the king of Fashion for 2019.