This Is the Most Vulgar NFL Fanbase, According to Study

Many football fans can be rowdy, often letting swear words fly while trash-talking or posting online. But wanted to know which team has the most vulgar NFL fanbase. It studied each franchise’s subreddit to determine which fans were the most and least inappropriate. Here’s what they found — it may surprise you.

Eagles fans are vulgar, right?

You might think Eagles fans top the list because Philadelphia sports fans have a history of vulgar language and other not-so-friendly things. The Eagles, though, ranked near the bottom of the list of most vulgar NFL fanbases.

How was this determined? The site looked at the average number of profane words per 10 subscribers of each subreddit. They monitored this over a one-year period, from September 2017 through September 2018. In the end, the Eagles’ subreddit had 4.1 profane words per 10 subscribers, tying them with the 49ers for the third least vulgar fanbase.

The most vulgar fans

The Jaguars play in one of the smallest markets of all 32 NFL teams. People don’t consider the team to have a large fanbase, but the fans they do have tend to be vulgar.’s study found that Jags fans say 11.1 profane words per 10 Reddit subscribers.

Perhaps Jacksonville fans became more profane after they made it to the AFC Championship a couple of years ago. (They almost beat the Patriots to make it to the Super Bowl.)

The least vulgar fans

Arizona doesn’t have a huge national fanbase either. But the fans they do have tend to be more polite. As the least vulgar fanbase, the Cardinals have the fewest instances of profane words on their subreddit. found that Cards fans used an average of just 2.9 per 10 subscribers (more than one fewer than the next lowest team on the list).

With the Cardinals’ recent lack of success, their fans likely don’t have much to say about the team. This could change, though, if Kyler Murray lives up to the hype and makes Arizona competitive in his rookie season.

What about the other NFL teams?

Here’s a look at where some of the most popular teams rank on the list of vulgar NFL fanbases:

  • Dallas Cowboys: The franchise dubbed “America’s Team” is middle-of-the-road, ranking 16th with six vulgar words per 10 subscribers.
  • New York Jets: The Jets are right behind them at 17th, averaging 5.9.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers are tied with the Jets at 17th/5.9.
  • New York Giants: The Giants tie with the Redskins for 21st place at 5.4.
  • New England Patriots: With all of the success the Patriots have experienced, their fans don’t have much reason to be upset. It shouldn’t be surprising that they rank 26th at 4.6.
  • Green Bay Packers: Wisconsin is largely considered one of the nicer U.S. states. This makes sense as the fanbase ranks as the second least vulgar in 31st place.

Most commonly used profane words

Some of the profane words that made the list aren’t as bad as others. Leaguewide, the f-word tops the charts at 43.9%. However, the decidedly more acceptable “damn” is third on the list at 8.8%, with “hell” right behind it.