This Is When Chiefs TE Travis Kelce Knew He Could Make It as a Football Players

Travis Kelce is a key player for the Kansas City Chiefs. The athlete played three sports while in high school. Eventually, football became his ticket to a college scholarship. Although he’s part of a Super Bowl championship team, Kelce still wishes he could play in the NBA and see if he’d make an impact. But the tight end’s path led him to football and the Chiefs. Now, Kelce hopes to win it all again this season.

Travis Kelce’s early days

Growing up in Westlake Ohio, Kelce used sports to keep him busy. He went from one practice to another, but by high school, he had to make a decision about which one to focus on. Although his school was big into basketball, Kelce chose to pursue football. Since he didn’t do that well academically, he was hoping for a sports scholarship.

The University of Cincinnati came knocking, and Kelce accepted a scholarship to play quarterback there. With his brother already on the team, Kelce says that one of his first appearances on the field had him a bit nervous and intimidated. He told Showtime Basketball, “I was in this college football game like I always dreamed of, and man, it just didn’t feel like I was ready for the moment.”

Getting into the groove

While playing college football initially gave him the jitters, Kelce said he eventually understood how everything came together on the field. He was able to pick up his play and continue on. The athlete told the show, “I could see how everything just slowed down a little bit, and that’s when I really felt I could take the game and turn it into something, you know, that I could do for the rest of my life.”

Kelce credits his confidence to his ability to slow down the game and get into the zone. Although he only played quarterback for a short time, his transition to tight end came easily. It made him love the game even more. Kelce enjoyed the physicality. He credits his success in the position to all of the sports he played.

Making it big in the NFL


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The Chiefs chose Kelce in the 2013 draft. His rookie year took a turn when he had to have knee surgery. He played in only one game that season. As soon as Kelce was healthy, he made an impact for the Chiefs. In his career, he’s caught 573 passes for 7,361 yards. Many fans now wonder if Kelce is the best tight end ever. His strong relationship with quarterback Patrick Mahomes helps his case.

Super Bowl LIV solidified Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs as the best team in football. Beating the San Francisco 49ers 31-20, Kelce had six receptions for 43 yards, one for a touchdown. He intends to stay on in Kansas City, signing a four-year, $57 million contract extension in August 2020.

Currently one of the longest-tenured Chiefs, Kelce is looking to return his team to the Super Bowl. KC currently sits atop the AFC West. The team can attribute some of their success to Kelce’s hard work and ability to slow down play and get into the zone. In their current position, it looks like the Chiefs might get back to the big game.