Tiger Woods Gives a Rare Glimpse of His Backyard Putting Green

Tiger Woods has always been a strange combination of secretive and open. While much of his life unfolds in front of cameras, he’s always tried to keep what goes on at home private for better or worse. Recently, however, the aging golfer opened his home to fans via a video series for Golf Digest. A recent episode, where Woods showed off his putting green, even gave golfers insight into where and how he trains. 

Tiger Woods practices commitment

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Although Woods often stayed silent about his practice habits, details Golf Digest, his work ethic was never in question. Golf notoriously does not require participants to be in tip-top shape the way that basketball or football does, but that didn’t stop Woods from hitting practice early. After all, his father started instilling a love of training from an early age. 

Woods’ practice routine is closer to that of a workhorse athlete like Kobe Bryant than his contemporary Phil Mickelson. While he got hours of golf in during his prime, he spent an equal amount of time pumping iron and making sure that his body could handle the 18th hole on a course as well as it did the first hole. 

As Woods’ body began to break down in recent years, he has had to adjust his workout routine. Now in his forties, his body can’t handle the strain that it once could during his practice. Still, with several perks that come with being a member of the billionaire athletes’ club, he doesn’t have to go far to get those swings in. 

Woods’ video series

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Golf Digest was thrilled to get a sneak peek into Woods’ house. The series, At Home, which features Woods as he gives a tour of his home, shows a different side of the golfer that people don’t often see. Years removed from his dominance and downfall, Woods seems humbled for a man whose house is nicer than the average fan can dream of. 

The 15-time major champion took Golf Digest’s Henni Koyack in and out of his house. From an indoor practice area where the golf legend can analyze and adjust his swing on the fly to the look at his front and backyard, Woods’s house is amazing at the kinds of things that an all-time great like himself can do with billions in the bank. Perhaps most impressive, however, is his putting green. 

Tiger Woods’ putting green

Golfer Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods putts during the second round of the 2020 Genesis Invitational | Ric Tapia/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

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The green looks normal but requires Woods to think about his approach when he’s golfing. He tries to keep the grass at 13 on the stimpmeter. This measurement helps measure the effectiveness of a putt on the green. Woods likes to practice in the wind because he never knows what nature will have in store when he’s out on the course. It’s easier to adjust that way than assume everything is going well. 

As far as the practice goes, it’s pretty simple. Woods marks spaces on the green with chalk and tees and ensures he can see where shots are headed in various situations. With all of his house’s technologies, the green might be where Woods has made his mark most since he entered the sport.

Woods might not be the immediate draw he once was. But the public is inherently fascinated with his life on and off the green. This life doesn’t come easy. Even to achieve his limited success these days, Woods has to put in hours of daily work to stay up with golfers who can now be half his age. Entering the home stretch of his career, it’s comforting to see this side of the dominant athlete.