Tiger Woods Introduces Fans to His Beloved Dogs Who Fetch Golf Balls

Tiger Woods has made headlines and won titles since joining the PGA tour in 1996. Over two decades later, he still proves to be a champion. While fans and critics alike know Woods is one of the greatest golfers, most don’t know he’s a dog lover, too. While the golfer tries to maintain his private life, he recently introduced his two beloved dogs to his fans.

Tiger Woods’ love of animals

Tiger Woods has demonstrated an appreciation for all animals over the course of his career. The media has been able to capture some of Woods’ most memorable animal encounters over the last few decades as Golf.com details. 

The 15-time major champion has been photographed with nearly every animal under the sun, from kangaroos to elephants to camels to squirrels. Tiger even had a photo-shoot with a snow tiger once. While Tiger will always have an appreciation for all types of animals, dogs have proven to be his true love.

How many dogs does Woods have? 

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Over the last couple of decades, the Woods family has had four dogs. The family’s first two dogs were Yogi and Taz. Yogi was an all-white Labradoodle, and Taz was a Border Collie. Tiger actually got Taz on his 30th birthday. In 2015, Taz had to get ACL reconstruction on both of his back legs. Unfortunately, as Yogi and Taz got older, their health started to deteriorate. Both dogs had to be put down in 2019, as Golf Digest reports. 

Tiger currently has two dogs at home, Bugs and Lola. The family adopted Bugs during Christmas 2015. Bugs is a Border Collie and Springer Spaniel Mix. After having to put down both Taz and Yogi earlier in the year, Tiger decided to bring Lola, a little Australian Shepherd, into the pack.

Tiger Woods shares his green with the dogs

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Tiger Woods loves his dogs so much, he has even started sharing the green with them. Woods is a golf master and has even been trying to turn his pups into golf enthusiasts too.  In the latest episode of Golf Digest’s At Home with Tiger Woods series, the golf pro introduces fans to both Bugs and Lola.

Tiger has trained his two dogs to fetch his golf balls. Bugs is the more experienced golf mate, while Lola is still a work in progress. The young Australian Shepherd pup has work to do when it comes to staying focused on the ball rather than digging up the green. However, with a coach like Tiger Woods, Lola should have this golf thing figured out in no time at all. 

While Tiger Woods is a dog enthusiast, he isn’t the only pro golfer that has been sharing the green with his pets. Arnold Palmer was often seen on the golf course with his retriever, Mulligan, as Selfie Golf details. Michelle Wie is often seen with her little dog, Lola. Ricky Fowler shares his four dogs on his Instagram page quite regularly. As it turns out, many PGA players share an appreciation for animals and a love for dogs.

There’s no word yet on when the next four-legged member of Team Tiger may be joining the crew. However, with such a strong love for dogs, it likely won’t be long before Tiger adds a new member to his pack.