Tom Brady Already Making a Huge Impact on the Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the biggest beneficiaries so far this offseason by landing the biggest fish with star quarterback Tom Brady expected to sign with them in free agency. It has pushed forward a great deal of excitement toward the franchise with Brady now in tow leading the offense. That has also led to the Buccaneers already experiencing other significant gains from adding the future Hall of Famer to the mix.

Tom Brady’s decision to join the Buccaneers

For months there had been speculation that Brady would explore his options in free agency for the first time in his career.

That created some growing doubt that the 42-year-old would return the franchise that he has spent the first two decades of his career with in the league. It all came to fruition this week as Brady announced that he was leaving the New England Patriots, and shortly after that, the Buccaneers separated themselves as the landing spot.

The Los Angeles Chargers were in the picture as a potential destination. Still, that scenario was ruled out as Brady strong factored in his family situation in the equation that made Tampa Bay the more favorable choice. Reports suggest that he wanted to be closer to his son from a previous relationship who is living in the New York area.

Nonetheless, Brady’s addition has had an immediate impact on the franchise that now seen them benefit greatly.

Buccaneers raise ticket prices

Once it came to fruition that Brady would be heading to the Buccaneers, there has been a tremendous wave of excitement in the team’s fan base.

That has seen the ticket sale immediately spike to where there is a waiting list to purchase tickets for the upcoming season. With that in mind, Greg Auman of The Athletic is reporting that Tampa Bay has also raised their non-club section seating by 15% for the 2020 campaign.

It’s not a surprise, given the high cost of bringing a superstar like Brady to Tampa Bay, but the price of new season tickets in all non-club sections of Raymond James Stadium was raised by 15 percent from the previous costs, which had been largely unchanged from last season. The difference is an extra $135 (over 10 games) for the best upper-level seats and about $255 for the best lower-level seats. The costs for club seats remain the same, and fans renewing their season tickets can do so without any increase.

The fact that there isn’t a backlash toward that raise in the pricing only shows the incredible level of excitement that is around the franchise. It was something that was bound to happen at some point, with the Buccaneers looking to take advantage of having Brady in the mix.

It should be noted that Tampa Bay has remained among the least expensive ticket prices in the league. That saw them rank 28th out of the 32 teams with average ticket cost at $82, which even with the slight spike in pricing, it will keep them in the bottom half in the NFL regarding the average expense per ticket.

The Tom Brady effect

The impact won’t just stop there for the Buccaneers as it’s something that could quickly lead to a notable change in the direction of the franchise.

There are reports that many players have already reached out to the Buccaneers in hopes of playing alongside Brady. He brings a tremendous amount of respect around the league, and his influence on Tampa Bay could be much more significant than his performance on the field.

Beyond that, the Buccaneers look to be a rejuvenated franchise with the future first-ballot Hall of Famer leading the way in this next chapter of his illustrious career.