Tom Brady Could Begin Retirement by Immediately Following in Tony Romo’s Footsteps

After Tom Brady confirmed his retirement, the focus has quickly shifted on his post-playing days’ plans. It’s extremely early, but there is no shortage of speculation ranging from an NFL team front-office job to TV opportunities. The latter is the most prominent immediate possibility as Brady could follow longtime colleague Tony Romo down the same path.

Tom Brady could follow Tony Romo’s footsteps into the broadcast booth

Brady’s first few days of retirement have opened a new chapter in his life, and with it comes many opportunities.

The 44-year-old won’t have to look far for his next multi-million dollar career path. Michael McCarthy of Front Office Sports is reporting that Troy Aikman leaving Fox Sports for Amazon has led the company and ESPN to express significant interest in bringing him aboard to cover the 2022 season.

“Brady would be worth his weight in gold. The opening bid would be $20 million a year — and it could go as high as $25 million,” the source said according to McCarthy’s report. “That would be for either games or the studio. There’s no way in hell Brady would make less than Romo.”

The seven-time Super Bowl champion is a hot commodity given his star status, which brings tremendous allure. Brady has built a brand and reputation that more than reasonably garners a tremendously high price tag. He possesses more than two decades of knowledge from playing in the NFL to utilize and is regarded as arguably the greatest player in league history.

The question becomes whether Brady wants to venture that route or balk at the broadcast booth opportunity as his former longtime rival Peyton Manning previously did.

What will the market look like for Tom Brady?

Brady may be fresh into retirement, but the market for broadcast opportunities will quickly take shape.

ESPN and Fox Sports are the first two potential destinations, but other companies such as NBC Sports could enter the fray. The latter brought on Drew Brees for the 2021 season, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see them make a concerted effort to land the five-time Super Bowl MVP.

Brady may not have any experience in the broadcast booth to lean on, but it shouldn’t lead to any hesitation from lucrative deals presented. The 44-year-old will have offers that will leap over Tony Romo’s $18 million a year at CBS and Cris Colinworth’s $13 million at NBC.

McCarthy noted that if Brady wanted to call games or analyze the NFL from a studio, his contract would “blow Romo’s out of the water.” Fox Sports is the most pressing immediate option due to needing to find Aikman’s replacement.

The company previously eyed former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton as the primary choice to succeed the former Dallas Cowboys star quarterback. However, Brady’s presence drastically changed the dynamic.

All that paints the picture that he will have his pick of the litter if he so chooses.

The Legendary QB holds plenty of lucrative options beyond the broadcast booth

Beyond the potential broadcast opportunities, Tom Brady has made it crystal clear that his retirement plans sit primarily focused on growing his brand.

Over the last several months, he’s become heavily involved in cryptocurrency, started a weekly podcast, and expanded the TB12 Sports company. Brady could venture into the broadcast booth whenever he chooses but may decide to see what is out there first.

Peyton Manning will likely play a big part in helping him along in that transition. Ultimately, whatever path Brady chooses, his pockets will only grow deeper.

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