Tom Brady’s Bizarre Remarks May Have Cursed Patrick Mahomes Before Super Bowl 55

Tom Brady is a few days removed from earning his seventh Super Bowl win. Brady guided the Tampa Bay Buccaneers past the favored Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes in convincing fashion. Following Super Bowl 55, Brady’s remarks about Mahomes now give off a strange vibe.

Tom Brady bests Patrick Mahomes in Super Bowl 55

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Before Super Bowl 55, expectations centered on a possible quarterback duel between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes.

Instead, Brady strung together a solid performance completing 21-of-29 passes for 201 yards with three touchdown passes. The 43-year-old play, along with their strong running game guided the Buccaneers toward a balanced offensive outing.

Meanwhile, Mahomes experienced incredible difficulty finding any consistency throwing the ball. The Chiefs’ offensive line struggled to provide stable protection, which saw him under pressure on a Super Bowl record 29 dropbacks. Mahomes finished without a touchdown pass for the first time in his career and threw a pair of interceptions.

In the few days after Super Bowl 55, some of Brady’s comments regarding Mahomes may now hold an entirely different tone.

Tom Brady may have cursed Patrick Mahomes before Super Bowl 55

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In the days ahead of Super Bowl 55, the teams participating in the contest go through the usual media circuit interviews.

Among those featured the pairing of Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady in the same sit-down discussion with the NFL Network. During that joint interview, Brady made some interesting comments toward Mahomes that now sound quite odd looking back, given how the Super Bowl transpired.

“I love how he drifts back in the pocket, takes it about 6 yards deep then drops back to about 19, 20, probably 15 yards, right foot in the ground, and then flicks that ball 60 yards down the field on a dime to Tyreek (Hill) or something like that,” Brady said. “He just has great awareness in the pocket. Incredible vision of the field and he knows exactly when to get rid of the ball.

“He’s got the athletic ability to extend plays. He’s got all the physical tools and mental tools.”

Mahomes had many deep dropbacks in the pocket, but none of that equated to sustained offensive success. Instead, he had to use his legs to run around behind the line of scrimmage away from the Buccaneers defensive front.

There were a few plays that Mahomes showed off his gifted ability in the pocket but fell short of making in big plays. The 25-year-old spent much of the game running for his life in dropbacks that prevented throwing any deep balls to Tyreek Hill.

In hindsight, Brady’s comments could be interpreted that he’s egging Mahomes on a bit. However, it’s entirely ironic compared to how things played out on Sunday night.

Bright future ahead in Tampa Bay

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Tom Brady and the Buccaneers are relishing every bit the moment of winning Super Bowl 55.

In a few weeks, Tampa Bay will shift their attention toward the upcoming offseason. The front office has some significant decisions ahead, with several key players needing new contracts as they hit free agency. Among those are Rob Gronkowski, Leonard Fournette, Antonio Brown, Lavonte David, and Shaquil Barrett.

The Buccaneers will work hard in their effort of keeping the bulk of that talent aboard. As long as Brady is playing at a high level, there is no reason to believe Tampa Bay won’t contend in 2021.

The NFC will be stacked with several teams eyeing to take them down, but it’s a pathway that they will ultimately dictate the conference’s road to the Super Bowl.