Tom Brady Can be the First NFL Player to Join An Elite List With His Seventh Super Bowl Ring

There isn’t much more that can be said about Tom Brady. With little time to gain chemistry with teammates in a pandemic season, the 43-year old quarterback is about to play in his tenth Super Bowl. When people say Tom Brady is a different breed of athlete, they mean it. 

Brady is going to have his hands full this time around. He will have to keep pace with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ high-powered offense. If he and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can finish the season as champions, Brady would be the first NFL player to join an elite list of athletes.

Tom Brady is making history in Super Bowl 55

Coming into the big game, Tom Brady will make history in multiple ways. He’s been making history the entire season, which further shows how great Brady has been.

When Brady takes the field Sunday, he will be playing in his tenth Super Bowl. That is the most of any player in NFL history. No other player has played in more than six Super Bowls.

He will make history by breaking one of his own Super Bowl records. He will be the oldest quarterback to start in a Super Bowl at age 43. That overtakes the previous holder: Tom Brady in Super Bowl 51 at age 40.

If he wins Sunday, he’ll be the oldest signal-caller to win the big game. Winning the Super Bowl MVP Award would make him the oldest player to receive that honor.

Being with the Bucs in the Super Bowl, he and the team make more NFL history. Because the game is at Raymond James Stadium, Tampa Bay is the first team to play a Super Bowl at their home stadium. It will be interesting to see if the team can fire the cannons when they score touchdowns.

The most important part of history Tom Brady is worried about is getting another ring. Getting a seventh ring would widen the gap Brady has for most Super Bowl rings, gainin a two-ring on Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw with his seventh. He would also join an elite list of athletes with ring No. 7.

Tom Brady can be the first NFL player to join this list

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It seems like the longer Brady plays well, the more accolades he’ll receive. There hasn’t been a quarterback who has played this well into his 40s in the league’s history. Because of his longevity and constant winning, it puts him in a position to join this exclusive list of professional athletes.

If Tom Brady gets his seventh ring on Sunday, he would be the first NFL player to have seven or more championships and two or more MVP awards, according to ESPN. He would join an elite list of athletes across the four major sports leagues who have won seven-plus championships and two or more MVPs.

He would join the NBA’s Bill Russell, NHL’s Jean Beliveau, and MLB’s Yogi Berra, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, and Mickey Mantle. Joining that list of dominant athletes seems fitting given that Brady has dominated the NFL for the past 20 years.

Seeing the names on that list shows that this accomplishment is rare and doesn’t happen often. The athletes on the list were extraordinary in their respective sports, all of them being inducted into their league’s Hall of Fame. If Brady can join this elite list, it would be another legendary accolade he can add to his resume.

What does Tom Brady have to do to get his seventh ring?

Tom Brady is in position to earn his seventh Super Bowl ring. It helps that it looks like all of his weapons will be on the field. However, he is going against the Chiefs, who have a great offense and a sneaky-good defense.

The first thing Brady needs to do is protect the football. He threw three interceptions in the NFC championship, something that cannot happen against Kansas City. Protecting the football and sustaining long drives will be the perfect recipe for Brady and the Tampa offense.

Something else that No. 12 must do is utilize the fade route. Brady has been nearly perfect on fade routes the past two seasons. The Bucs have the advantage height wise against the Chiefs defenders; it should be a point of emphasis in their gameplan. Mike Evans and Rob Gronkowski should expect a few jump balls their way.

Tom Brady has the opportunity to be the first NFL player to have seven rings and two or more MVPs. All he has to do is take care of the ball and utilize his weapons. He’d be the most recent addition to an exclusive club of athletes who have dominated their respective sports.