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Most people know the gist of Tom Brady’s backstory, and how the quarterback went from a sixth-round draft pick to stardom. But it’s easy to forget the specifics of Brady’s college career. Where did he go to college? What kind of student was he? And did he have a backup plan, in case a career in the NFL didn’t work out? Ahead, discover everything you need to know about how Brady spent his time in college.

Tom Brady went to the University of Michigan

Tom Brady work out
Tom Brady | Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Sports Illustrated reports that Tom Brady went to college at the University of Michigan, where he was enrolled from 1995 to 1999, according to ESPN. He spent four seasons as a Wolverine, Sports Illustrate reports, but didn’t take over as the starter until his junior season. “His junior year, the team went 10-3 and shared the Big Ten title. Brady tossed for 2,427 yards 14 touchdowns and 10 interceptions, completing 61.9 percent of his passes,” Sports Illustrated notes. “In his final year at Michigan, the Wolverines went 10-2 as Brady completed 61 percent of his passes for 2,217 yards, 16 touchdowns, and just six picks.”

His dad went to counseling to learn to cope with the distance

Parents are often in for a big adjustment when their kids go off to college. That was definitely the case for Tom Brady Sr. Today reports that he recently revealed that he went to counseling to learn to cope with the 2,000-mile distance between him and his son when the future Patriots quarterback moved to Michigan. He said he needed to learn to deal with the “separation anxiety.” And he missed their weekly rituals. “Brady Sr. would watch his son play football on Saturdays, and then the two would play golf together on Sundays,” Today reports.

The quarterback worked a variety of jobs in college

As 24/7 Sports explains, Tom Brady eventually found success in the NFL. But he had plenty of non-football jobs along the way. Brady said at a press conference, “Those were good experiences when I was in Michigan in the summer. You know, you work different jobs, and you get a scholarship check, but you’re trying to afford, like all of us were, our college experience.” He added, “I worked in construction, worked at a golf course to play free golf, because that’s what I like to do, worked at a festival at night, so I was working two jobs.”

Tom Brady chose Michigan twice

Sports Illustrated wrote that according to Tom Brady’s parents, he chose the University of Michigan twice, “once as a high school senior, and again when he thought about transferring before his junior season.” Brady had to figure out what to do when head coach Lloyd Carr chose Brian Griese as the starter. Tom Sr. and his wife, Galynn, traveled to almost every game. But they never attended practice or called Carr.  Tom Sr. said of his son, “He had to own it.”

Brady graduated with a 3.3 GPA

EDU in Review reports that Brady graduated from the University of Michigan in 1999 with a 3.3 GPA. “While his degree was in general studies, Brady rounded it out with minors in both psychology and business administration,” the publication reports. “In addition to his work in football and academics, his college résumé  includes a variety of part-time jobs and volunteer work.”

Brady prepared a résumé in case the NFL draft didn’t work out

Business Insider reports that Tom Brady prepared a résumé in case he needed to enter the corporate world. “He didn’t know in the spring of 2000 if he’d make it in the NFL, so he made a résumé,” the publication reports. Years later, Brady found the document and posted it on Facebook to share it with his fans. It showed that he interned at Merrill Lynch and worked at the University of Michigan’s golf course. As Brady wrote, “Found my old resume! Really thought I was going to need this after the 5th round.”

He was chosen as the 199th pick in 2000

As Quartz notes, when Tom Brady was drafted to the Patriots in 2000, he was the 199th pick. “[If] you do the math,” he explains, “that means that I was passed over by every team in the NFL somewhere between four and six times.” Quartz reports that during his final season at Michigan, Brady was under a lot of public pressure to share or cede the starting QB position to Drew Henson. Head coach Lloyd Carr decided to rotate the two quarterbacks. Brady says of the season, “Learning how to fight for what I wanted was a great experience.”

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