Tom Brady Delivers Strong Message Concerning Social Justice

The sports world continues to remain vocal about the ongoing social issues in the country. NFL players have been among the loudest voices demanding change to help end these problems. It has now seen Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady be among those outspoken about the situation.

NFL players respond to ongoing social issues

The last several months have cast a stronger light on the ongoing social issues that plague the Black community.

It has led the country’s professional sports leagues to use their platforms to bring greater attention to these problems. The NFL has yet to begin its 2020 season, but the players have made a strong push for social change.

That has seen them put together a powerful video that included many of the league’s biggest stars that pushed the NFL to respond and act accordingly. The NFL has committed $250 million over the next 10 years to help end systemic racism. With situations such as the Jacob Blake shooting continuing to happen, it has enacted many players to remain quite vocal.

It has also seen Tom Brady air out his emotions with a strong statement supporting his peers in the league.

Tom Brady issues strong statement regarding social justice

The country’s ongoing difficult times have led many star NFL players to use their platform to be vocal about bringing forth social change.

New Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has utilized his influence on the NFL to hammer that point home further. During a recent interview with Casey Phillips of, Brady voiced the importance of listening and learning to those impacted by these issues while supporting his teammate’s efforts.

“It’s certainly been an offseason to listen, learn, have more compassion, and more empathy for one another. Everyone should deserve the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. Being in the locker room for 20 years and being around guys with every different race, religion, skin color, background, and different state. Everyone something different to the table and you embrace those things.”

Brady continued: “They expand you in ways that you couldn’t have been expanded if you weren’t exposed all those different thing. Sports has taught me a lot of things. Being a great teammate is being supportive of one another. Being supportive of everyone and what is important to them and really listening and learning. Trying to understand and reflect on people from all different circumstances.”

Brady’s upbringing and life experiences are much different than what many of his teammates have gone through. It’s a crucial opportunity for him to understand further and support those aiming to create change. The fact that he’s been quite vocal helps put pressure on the NFL to move forward with actions toward aiding those efforts.

More actions to come from the NFL


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With Tom Brady coming out to support his teammates and those around the NFL pushing for social change, it places more pressure on the league to put forth action.

The NFL has experienced many bumps along the way over the last few years since Colin Kaepernick elected to kneel during the national anthem. The last several months have only further shined a light on the many social issues that the Black community deals with daily.

The onus is on the NFL to enact more efforts toward creating change by utilizing their elevated platform. There are plenty of outside influences that the league has due to their business connections, while their 32 ownership groups significantly impact other industries. It presents many different means of action that can be taken to back these efforts to a greater extent.

In other words, the NFL has a tremendous opportunity ahead to help generate social change in the country.