Tom Brady Doesn’t Think He’ll Have to Retire at 45

Over the last several years, it has become common knowledge around the NFL that New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady has a strong desire to continue playing in the NFL into his mid-40s. That conversation has ramped up a notch in the last few weeks, with there being some lingering dialogue centered around the 2019 campaign being his last with the Patriots. With that said, his longtime trainer Alex Guerrero has now added yet another wrinkle to the situation.

Tom Brady’s unwavering commitment

It has moved towards two decades in the NFL for Brady as he has spent his entire illustrious career with the Patriots.

Although he is now in his early 40s, there haven’t been any doubts about his desire to play the game as he has continued to prove to be an ageless wonder. It has certainly helped drive his commitment to the game, given that he continues to experience a large amount of success, coming off his sixth Super Bowl win.

That said, it’s only natural to discuss his long-term future in the league as he’s reached a point where very few players have ventured into their respective careers. All that has shifted the discussion to be a year-to-year situation around how much longer he will play.

There was yet another intriguing vantage point added to the entire matter brought by his longtime trainer.

Alex Guerrero weighs in on Tom Brady’s NFL future

The conversation around Brady’s long-term future has waned a bit over the last couple of weeks, but it’s still a question that lingers around the Patriots.

It has once again ramped up after Alex Guerrero’s appearance on WEEI radio on Thursday morning as he voiced that the future Hall of Famer believes he can play until he’s 47 years old.

“It all comes to commitment, really,” he said. “No one thought you could play at the elite level in your late 30s, early 40s. That is something we always felt we could do. I have really wanted to be there to help him accomplish that goal. I certainly do believe that 45 is a very realistic goal.

“We talk about it all the time. Every year he just adds another year. He goes in and he’s like, ‘Guys, I feel so good still. I think I am going to go till 45.’ I am like, ‘OK.’ Now he’s like, ‘Alex, I think I can go like 46 or 47.’”

It should come as no surprise that Brady believes he can play beyond what he initially thought would be when he retires from the NFL. That has centered on his firm commitment to keeping his body in the best possible condition with his nutrition and exercise regimen.

That number certainly sounds like a lofty goal, but there has been no significant drop off in his play or any nagging injury that has limited him in any fashion. Beyond that, it shows that his passion for playing the game is as strong as ever.

How much longer will Tom Brady play?

As much as Brady has voiced that he wants to play into his mid-40s that could now extend into his late-40s, it’s hard to predict how he will feel both physically and mentally then.

It’s something that Brady has recently addressed, stating that he doesn’t know when exactly he will want to step away. The desire to be on the field at that age is currently only hoping for him to reach that.

Numerous factors will be at play, regardless of how much longer he extends his career. For the time being, Brady is still completely committed to playing the game he loves.