Tom Brady Finally Admits Which Super Bowl Loss Still Pains Him the Most

Tom Brady has put together an illustrious career that has seen him reach the mountaintop of success on several occasions. The former New England Patriots quarterback has firmly placed himself in the conversation as arguably the greatest player in NFL history behind the triumph in the playoffs that is anchored by six Super Bowl wins. However, it hasn’t all been great on that stage as he has experienced his fair share of shortcomings. There is one loss that still stings Brady more than anything else in his Hall of Fame career.

Tom Brady’s Super Bowl success

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Over his two decades in the league, Tom Brady has become the gold standard for success behind his impressive consistency and seemingly vying for a potential Super Bowl run annually.

Brady holds numerous playoff records that speak to his pedigree as one of the game’s greatest players. That has led to him cementing his legacy on the Super Bowl stage with six wins to his name, which he has the most in league history. Brady is also the all-time leader with four Super Bowl MVP awards.
Although he has had unmatched success in the Super Bowl, he does have three tough losses. Each came after falling short in the fourth quarter with a pair seeing Eli Manning and the New York Giants best him. Meanwhile, the last one saw Nick Foles’ storybook run in the playoffs help guide the Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl win.

There are plenty of memories in both directions for Brady, but one Super Bowl loss sticks out from the rest.

Tom Brady is still hurt by one Super Bowl loss

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Tom Brady has achieved nearly every goal possible in his career, which has made his shortcomings more impactful on him.

Brady hasn’t been one to voice his frustrations from his losses, but that came through during Capital One’s The Match on Sunday afternoon as he aired out that loss to the Eagles in Super Bowl 52 still pains him.

“It’s the Eagles that I cringe.”

He may have playfully played it off at the moment, but it’s a quick look into what still frustrates him. It was a game that was marked by strong offensive showings from both sides. Brady had put forth a tremendous performance with a Super Bowl-record 503 passing yards with three touchdowns.

The New England Patriots had their chance on their final two drives, which the former saw him strip fumble and later was a last-second heave that came up short. The Patriots had their opportunities to secure the win but fell short despite a historic offensive outing from Brady.

Does it impact Tom Brady’s legacy?

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Tom Brady may have had his shortcomings on the Super Bowl stage, but it certainly doesn’t outweigh what he has put forth through the bulk of his career.

He is unmatched with his success; it could be argued that those losses only further fueled him to push even harder to reach that ultimate goal. That has played a part in shaping the player that he has become that has an unrelenting drive for success that saw him help guide the Patriots to all six of their Super Bowl wins.

It’s all a part of building his identity on the field that has helped him achieve the unmatched success that he hopes to continue in this next chapter of his career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.