Tom Brady Finds First NFC South Victim Without Trying

This offseason’s most significant move centers around Tom Brady deciding to leave the New England Patriots after 20 seasons. Brady followed that by choosing to play with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that immediately created significant hype around the franchise to find great success in the 2020 season. Many have fed into the hype; one of his new rivals isn’t feeling that sentiment in the slightest sense.

Tom Brady joins the Buccaneers

It has been a few months since Tom Brady decided to join the Buccaneers in free agency.

That marks the first time in his career that he will don another NFL uniform after spending the two decades with the New England Patriots. His arrival to Tampa Bay has brought forth plenty of excitement and buzz around the franchise with potential Super Bowl aspirations. Brady has been the gold standard for success over the last 20 seasons, which reasonably raises the bar to a high level.

The 42-year-old is joining a team that possesses some promising offensive weapons in Pro Bowl wide receivers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin along with reuniting with star tight end Rob Gronkowski. That alone places a significant hype around the team to be among the top teams in the NFC well in the playoff mix.

However, not everyone is completely buying the Buccaneers’ hype as one NFC South rival isn’t exactly enthused.

Janoris Jenkins doesn’t buy the hype around the Bucs

Wherever Tom Brady landed this offseason, it was bound to create a significant buzz and excitement around that franchise.

That is the case with the Buccaneers with envisioning a jump into the mix as one of the league’s top teams. New Orleans Saints cornerback Janoris Jenkins has put a halt to that thinking as he voiced during an appearance on NFL Network Thursday that Tampa Bay has to prove it on the field. (H/T Pro Football Talk)

“We only worry about the New Orleans Saints,” Jenkins said. “We’re not worried about nobody right now. We gonna take it one game at a time, one play at a time and just get better and compete every week. We understand, as you mentioned, that Tampa Bay got some new weapons, new quarterback. It’s paper, you gotta produce on the field. We just worry about the New Orleans Saints at the moment.”

Jenkins’ comments shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that he has tremendous belief in his team. The Saints have been one of the top teams in the NFL behind three straight NFC South division titles. That alone should fuel plenty of confidence in the Saints as they have been the division’s standard-bearers.

As in any situation, it all comes down to living up to that potential on the court. The Buccaneers certainly have the pieces in place to do just that in the 2020 season.

Tom Brady is ready to roll


Tom Brady’s Mindset Heading Into Challenging First Season With Bucs

Tom Brady has known for months that any move away from the Patriots brings tremendous expectations.

The six-time Super Bowl champion has a First-Ballot Hall of Fame resume, but this could be his career’s biggest challenge. It’s the first time he’s playing outside the umbrella in New England and head coach Bill Belichick. It’s his chance to prove that he can win at the highest level away from his previous NFL home.

There is plenty of motivation for him to feed off to prove those doubters wrong, and Janoris Jenkins may have just provided more bulletin board material for him to feed off.